Sunset Beach... (Interactive poem)  

rm_unlistedone 65M
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9/18/2005 1:46 am

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Sunset Beach... (Interactive poem)

(A new interactive poem. You help make the poem by asking questions or making comments. This time, introduce yourself as a character, if you will. Use a real name...ficticious of course, like Bob, Sally, Ann, or whatever. Tell me what you hope to find in my peaceful home by the ocean.)
By the way, Sunset Beach is a real place. You do have to cross a one lane floating bridge that opens across the inland waterway to allow boats to pass through. It's peaceful there. A family beach for the most part.
Enjoy our Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach...

Go over
the floating bridge
and follow
the road
to the end.

Turn right
at the stop sign
and go
along the
beach front
to my house.

143 Sunset Drive
is called home.

Days begin
with the sound
of breakers,
and seabirds.
They end
the same way.

Come early
and I'll share
my coffee.
Come late...
and we'll
enjoy the sunset
from the balcony.

rm_luke69iner 48M
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9/20/2005 10:22 am

i would try to contribute but with the contest i'd end up writing something bad and mess up a nice poem

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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9/24/2005 12:22 pm

Well hello neighbor [blog unlistedone]
Hmm, I have been out of town, and lookie here, no one has invited them selves to visit? I love it in your neighborhood; since I am your fictitious Sunset Beach neighbor, let me introduce my self. My name is Sally Ann and you can call me Sally, or you can call me silly, or you can call me friend Oooh, dwow, I would love to come and visit, for breakfast, or maybe for dinner and slow dancing on the beach…

I love that time of the day, when the sun is coming up and life is starting to move and warm up... I love the way the birds start chirping, gathering around the feeder, bathing in the water I leave out for them. I love the smell of the fir trees, the smell of the wet sand and salt water, the smoke from the last of the remaining beach fire we sat at last night… I don’t know if you noticed me, because there were many friends neighbors of yours talking and laughing around the beach fire last night. But I noticed you… because of your wonderful laugh and your gentle nature.

I see we have some things in common ‒ the special life of living near the beach with the ever present signs of the tide coming in and going out, the sound and smell of the wind on the sea and sand and enjoying the seabirds living their life near the water. It all seems to be a natural burst of sensations for all of the senses… Sight, smell, sound, taste, and even feel. I love to walk barefoot in the sand, warm or cool… and I also love to sit by a beach fire, coffee in hand, and just listen to the waves washing in and out along the beach, maybe find a shoulder to snuggle against, and watch as the sky goes from blue, to green, to purple, to violet, to starry black…..

So, friendly neighbor, these are some of my favorite things. I love a life that allows time to enjoy the simple things in life. Oh, and maybe some time to do some slow dancing… What are your favorite things to do, after work and chores are behind you? Do you wake up wanting company for coffee? Or do you enjoy some quiet time first? Do you prefer the balcony, or the cool and warm feel of sand by the fire on the beach

XOXOXO Sally (aka L

rm_unlistedone 65M
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9/25/2005 1:46 am

Hi Sally, nice to finally meet you. And yes, I did see you at the party. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk.
So many questions. Will let you know the answers soon.

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