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8/13/2005 8:21 am

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The sea
looks calm...
the air is clean, fresh
and the day is warm.

But underneath
is a current unseen.
A current that is dangerous.

If there was a time
and place
where we could go to
and find what we missed before,
would you go back with me?

I know the steps
that were wrongly taken
and they could be avoided this time.
I know how to float now,
so I wouldn't have to
hold on to you for my life.

The riptides are there still.
Can we get past them... please?

© copyright unlistedone 2005

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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8/13/2005 8:53 am

wonderful post .... like the sea, love is an awesome force

~ sighz ~

lifeisablast333 53M

8/13/2005 3:46 pm

awsume poam, if it is from the heart, and i feel it is, you are a man who has at one time lost at love.......can't make the hurt go away for you...but try lust for a's not a complex as love and makes a great filler.........

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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8/13/2005 8:05 pm

In real life, if this were shared with your true love,
she would warmly be right by there by your side.......
understanding lifes riptides pull and push.....
but also that real love understands that......
and in the end "real friends will be friends forever......... "
although, I'm thinkin'
she might want you to at least hold her just a little bit closer.....


007sexy40plus 51F  
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8/13/2005 8:35 pm

Very nice post, I like it!

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

Theflinkychick 105F

8/14/2005 3:05 pm

I wish it were possible to go back in time and fix things. Good stuff.

Not all who wander are lost.

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