Mornin' Person...  

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10/17/2005 10:21 pm

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Mornin' Person...

Driving into work yesterday mornin', cd playing "The Eagles Greatest Hits," I felt really at peace.

It was just before dawn. On my left, as I was traveling south, was the beginning of the light of day. To my right, a large, bright full moon. It was bright enough, that trees were in shadow form. I gotta tell ya, if you are one of the late sleepers, you really miss a lot. This time of mornin' is fantastic. I feel renewed... not tired.

Whenever I venture down to the ocean, you'll always find me on the beach at this time of day. The ever present wind. The smell and the feel of the salt air. The coolness of the sand on your feet. Why waste time sleeping when something as fantastic as sunrise is going on around you?

Perhaps there's a reason for most of the solitude in my life.

For years now, I've sat pretty much alone... even when in a crowd. No, you would never guess that I'm feeling that way. I conceal it very well. You would swear I'm one of the happiest and most contented people you have ever seen.
Looks sure can be deceiving, can't they?

There are a lot of folks here that seem to be the same way. Amazing how many people can be alone in a crowded room.

So, let "Take It Easy," "Desperado," "Best of My Love," and "Take It to the Limit" keep on playing in the early mornin' hours.
Anyone care to come along for a ride? I won't even mind if you sing off key.
(I'll just turn the volume up higher!!!)

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