rm_unlistedone 65M
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10/22/2005 12:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I have $73,800.00...

Are there any more bids?

(Looking out over the silent crowd. Checking in to the corner of the room to see if there is an interested party there.
Looking back to the front row...)

If there are no other bids, the object, including all parts...

sexyeyes375 47F

10/22/2005 5:48 pm

.... go to ME....

rm_unlistedone 65M
2718 posts
10/22/2005 9:39 pm


to [sexyeyes375]

rm_unlistedone 65M
2718 posts
10/22/2005 9:43 pm


to (sexyeyes375)

rm_unlistedone 65M
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10/22/2005 10:02 pm

Sexy, congratulations!!!

You have just won the contest!!!

I'm sure you will be pleased to know that since the contest began, the owner has made a few positive improvements. It is now a little trimmer package, with less weight to carry around. (Meaning it is also more able to function and for longer periods of time.)

I am positive you will get a tremedous amount of enjoyment from the total package that you have just won.

Now, will the method of payment be cash, check, or credit card?

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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10/23/2005 6:38 pm

sexyeyes375Congratulations! You Lucky Lady.......

sexyeyes375 47F

10/26/2005 10:40 pm

That will be cash.

Very pleased to hear of the longer functioning time... when can I expect delivery?

Thanks, [lovelyLady] it was a long, hard bid.

rm_unlistedone 65M
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10/27/2005 1:18 am

Ahh, sexy???

(He said in a nervous voice. Smiling... but not exactly sure why.)

You do have the money... don't ya honey?

(Still smiling... but still not sure what sexy is doing.)

rm_unlistedone 65M
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10/28/2005 6:00 am

Okay, now I'm confused.
Doing a timeline on this whole affair... there seems to be a little problem here.
You made a post on the 19th in your blog.
The next post was on the 24th, Zapped by Lightning. In it you said you were down for a week. Hmmmm, figuring international dateline, and timelines, the delay of posts that AdultFriendFinder was having at that time, and adding in the convention, the Rammadan holiday, and the disappearence of sexy at that time also. AND, a week later, you get back online.
The contest bid was awarded on the 22nd. And sexy didn't claim it until the 26th. LL congratulated her on the 23rd. Now the possible accusation of the possibility of sexy having been in cohorts with Mother Nature. The clarification of the money... (US currency, since I'm the one going to spend it!) and again, AdultFriendFinder not getting the comment to work right again.

Do I have all the facts?
Is there anything else?

I would like for both of the parties involved to please tell me if I have missed any important facts here... before I give my ruling. And I get my money!!!

(Geez, this started out so simple. What happened?)

rm_unlistedone 65M
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10/28/2005 6:20 am

Further checking reveals that sexy's bid of


was placed here on the 19th!!!!

This is the same day that I posted that Polly was in the lead for the bidding! This is also the last dated post of Polly before the lightning strike... not considering time zones and international dateline. Or is that considering time zones and international dateline?
(Something strange going on here on that day.)

sexyeyes375 47F

10/29/2005 5:34 am

hmm.... So my disappearance is directly related to Polly's lightening strike??? [And the scandal of 2001 rushes past my eyes.. "oh,no.. not again.." BTW ~ I will not be available on Halloween.]

Bluffing, indeed... (shaking head..)

My bid is in US currency. No need to worry about it's existance.

Pertinant information: my comments do not stick to UnlistOne's blog. Teflon. I have been AWOL as well.

rm_unlistedone 65M
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11/1/2005 10:16 pm

Not a good solution, Polly! Not a good solution at all.

I would hope no one has any idea of playing King Solomon with my body parts! (But thanks for the sobbing sympathy though.) And I certainly don't want a lightning strike to do it, either! That is one thing I have a certain, great fear and respect for. Mother Nature has a good aim.

As defined earlier, it is in US currency. I'm the one, if still able to, will be the one spending it.

I've watched cricket being played several times in Corfu and in Cannes Polly; but the game still escaped me.

Sexy's comments are teflon on my blog. I certainly can relate to that. Mine have been like that on hers. If the two of us were together, we'd slide around and miss each other all the time.

A solution to void the contest is a thought... because of all the problems that have come up. Or a split between the last of the two bidders. (A time split, Polly, not a body part split.)

rm_unlistedone 65M
2718 posts
11/2/2005 10:11 am

(This is so embarrassing...bought, sold, shared.)

Could be fun though!

sexyeyes375 47F

11/3/2005 2:57 pm

Waggypolly: In the interest of everyone's (and everyone being you and me.. with UnlistedOne reaping the satisfaction, I think this is a fair turn of events. In a world where fair is a rare occurence, I like to contradict it whenever and wherever possible.

And with this change of plans and in essence doubling your pleasure (at least you are assuming insurmountable pleasure) perhaps the price should be dropped, UnlistedOne? Especially in lue of Waggypolly's willingness to forego the second lightening strike???

I do hope this sticks.. as now my own comments are not sticking on my own @#*& blog.

rm_unlistedone 65M
2718 posts
11/4/2005 12:10 am

Agreeable by me, if both of you are in agreement.
Half of the final bid of Polly at $73,000.00 apiece is due.
Upon payment, you will be able to claim your prize, ladies.

This auction is finally


rm_unlistedone 65M
2718 posts
11/10/2005 7:40 am

Polly, should I send along a medical report as to my fitness? Of course, it has been a very long time. I hope I haven't forgotten how.

Ahh, I hate to keep mentioning this... but where's the money ladies?

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