Beautiful Enemies  

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5/28/2005 11:17 pm

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Beautiful Enemies

Beautiful Enemies...

Last night I walked through the park
where so many times before we went
smiling and laughing together.
Our love was safe then.
I went searching ---
trying to recall something that
could have kept us together.

I saw a man alone
and the emptiness could be seen on his face.
I used to not think about being lonely,
but that was before you left.
Now the emptiness is seen on my face.
Even clown makeup can't hide the deserted look.

I lie on the bed at night
where, so many nights before,
we make love with one another.
Our love during those nights was so strong.

I lie alone now.
Sleep isn't a friend anymore...
nor is the dawn ---
when if finally comes.

I only have the memories of you left...
and they are beginning to be
beautiful enemies of my mind.

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