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Just now
watching the gentle rings
of the water widen
from where the flowery blossoms
disturbed its quiet still,
I saw reflections of yesterday gone by.

Thoughts of yesterday
can come cascading down
the spring swollen streams of your mind,
caused by a smell or a sound---
even a blossom.

The present
surroundings aren't important to them;
only the revised freshness they feel
finding themselves being in your mind again.

The past
is just a thought
and cannot be changed...
except in your mind.
(Everything is as it was...
or could have been.)

You can feel
the coarseness of wool
and know velvet.
Smell the hot, stale air
and understand
the gracefulness
of a rose.

You can touch a daisy,
and reclaim the softness
in her eyes.

If today
gives to you a present of itself,
isn't it nice to know it'll always be
in the yesterdays
and the tomorrows
of your mind?

(Copyright under unlistedone's real name)

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