A Welcomed "Yes"  

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A Welcomed "Yes"

A Welcomed "Yes"

Friends must be God's smile.
Love is the sparkle in God's eyes.
The combination of both
must surely be God's way
of saying "yes."

We both have gone down
many paths in our lives,
when the sunlight was warm
and the air... clean... fresh.
Easy days
of seeing each other
as the best view we had seen
the entire day.

I know I saw you that way.

I can still hear your laughter
as it moved past the tall pines,
echoing down to the stream below.
Running first, then walking...
always wanting to be close.

Yes,I believed in love
and in loving you...
without really knowing what
love was really about.

You showed me.

A smile that can make my heart quicken.
A look in your eyes,
that can take my breathe.
A single touch...
that can make me soar.

You are the light of my soul.
And together,
God must surely be saying, "yes."

(copyright by unlistedone's real name ©)

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