Sunday 10/23/05  

rm_uinme01 51M
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10/23/2005 2:16 pm

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Sunday 10/23/05

Well tomorrow is the day, I will be meeting with a major local record label to discuss the use of my studio for a 6 week session. A local band recorded a demo cd about 3 months ago at my facility and it seems it has fallen in the right hands.....we'll see???????

Other random thoughts: I am new to this place so I'm still learning what and how to set it up, in confusion as to sending e-mails? If I send a e-mail to a standard member can they reply? OR do I have to activate "standard member contact"? If I invite a standard member to my network can they accept?......................

twoblondes 36M/47F
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10/26/2005 10:10 pm

You have to pay the fee for standard members to contact you. yes, the standard member can accept network invites.
good luck on the record deal.

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