Halloween and Questions?  

rm_uinme01 51M
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10/29/2005 10:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Halloween and Questions?

Oh HELL YEA!!!!! Its Halloween, finishing my sons costume. He has won 1st place 4 of the last five years, this year an alien is the project looks damn good if you ask me.......3 costume contests in the next 2 days..AHH FUN!!!!!!!!

As for the other side of me, I have come to realize that there are as many GAMES on here as in everyday life, ALL I see or read is "LTR", Must be willing to commit. I thought this was a friendship/sex site not matchfinders, or LTRFinders or Golddiggers-r-us....I respect anyone whom is upfront and is honest, BUT are there not other sites that would more suit their situation?

Ive read about women being upset because the guy THEY CHOOSE to sleep with doesn't call, was a game player etc...etc... NEWS FLASH: READ THE web address.....MOST GUYS LIE to get their wiener wet PERIOD....Do I? well to be honest yes...By not telling my wife what I am doing, I am in a lie.....Am I lying to the masses here no---read my profile---

One last Note: Why when I send an e-mail to a possible match and she replies contact me here we can talk- I do so and they never reply to an I'M or run invso as not to be seen?????

A simple "Hey, I'm sorry but Ive changed my mind or I did not read your profile fully and have now, no thank you.????? Thats cool, but to be asked to meet in IM then ignored, So adult like....

It was worth the $40.00 for the month, but I can get these games for free anytime any bar, dance club, news paper, chat-room or group. If I really need to get laid I can always find some insecure, low self-esteem female at some club hook up the H&D and roll forward......one problem

Thanks for reading.....If those this angers and they feel the need to post a reply please read your own profile first.....Chances are you have been to the point as I have but in a different direction.......

Straycatsetsuko 61F

10/29/2005 1:14 pm

My profile asks that we be friends first. I play no games. Not even Chess.

I came here looking for someone I could talk to and get rid of an urge with. I find myself in a place where I may be falling, and I'm terrified. I didn't want a relationship, I wanted a friend with benefits. But look what I got...

Gotta kiss a lot of frogs first, dude. Another thing, and I can only speak for myself, I don't take second place. I am not second fiddle. Married/attached? find someone else.

rm_uinme01 51M

10/29/2005 4:05 pm

I respect your views, I dont know what happened but it sounds like you meet someone that did not respect you or himself..trouble of course...My point was if after reading my message and viewing my profile (which is based on my wants and situation) why would someone say contact me here (IM) then ignore?....I was just pointing out what I see happening....AS with you I would not contact you nor would I expect you to contact me we want different things.....and are posting such....

Last note please, I dont wear a cowboy hat nor do I have a large shiny belt buckle, hell I dont even have a gunrack....Please dont call me dude....

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