1st blog!  

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9/4/2005 12:09 pm

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1st blog!

Wow, here I go again. Another place to write down different aspects and impressions of the things that go on in my life...

Went out to dinner with a bunch of interesting people the other night at a place called The Capitol Club in Seattle. Wow! I met 20-30 people who are nearly all singers. It was amazing. I knew only one person but by the end of the night about 4 ladies put on lipstick just to kiss my bald head. Gotta say I loved the attention.

It's been a few months since the awful breakup with a woman I thought I was going to marry. I'm starting to date again, finally. It's a crazy time to be alive.

Oh I got to play a few weeks ago with a lovely friend who wanted to experience spanking and bondage. I was quite pleased that she asked me to aid in her experience. I love to spank a sweet ass and I LOVE big breasts and heavens! I had a blast. I totally needed to start getting back on the horse, as it were.

Well, today is a nothing going on day so I'm going to hang around and IM some friends and just possibly go out for chow. Who knows?


TheNextKid 33M

9/4/2005 1:03 pm

I have never watched the movie, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.

Have a spectacular day!!!!!!

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