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8/10/2005 2:33 pm

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Why create a blog

.... if you aren't going to follow through with it!!!


Sometimes I save some newbie blogs I find interesting and await to read more about their blogs. Occasionally, I go through my save list and weed out those who haven't posted in months (otherwise, my save list would be more than 4 pages long!)....

At any rate, I ran across this one and couldn't decide whether to delete him from my saved list...

zanogk who created [blog zanogk]

...I just keep hoping that he finally does decide to blog soon!

Wondering why people go to the trouble to create a blog and don't follow through with it. What are your ideas???

UPDATE: After I created this post, I found out why he hadn't been posting. Apparently, he deleted his blog. HOWEVER, you get my point. There are many people who regularily blog on this site (like myself included) and there are those who starte it and never continue and/or barely get started!!....

Still waiting to hear your thoughts on why they aren't posting....

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