Sounds like a Manicure & Pedicure Day is in Order!!!  

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7/19/2005 11:27 am

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Sounds like a Manicure & Pedicure Day is in Order!!!

What a treat today after the rough start of a day I had today.....

1. Was called from my daughter at 7:30am, "Mom! I need your help!!!" (Aren't those lovely words to come from your child!?!?!? ) "L has locked her keys in her car and I have her spare key. Can you come get the key??? I'll leave it under the bed mat for you to take her the spare key...and, oh BTW... she needs to be at work by I need you to leave NOW!!! Please, Mom!!! Putting my shoes on while I was still talking to her and telling her as I was leaving, "I am on my way now!".....

Got the key and took it to L.... L was never so happy to see the key and told me that she did this too on Sunday so she is thinking about putting a spare behind the license plate. I told her that it would not be wise b/c (1) the theives tend to look there b/c soooo many people do that... and (2) just look at the roadsides and see how many license plates are found in the road. Told her that she would be far better off keeping a spare set at her house and another, perhaps, at her work, and maybe one more set with a trusted friend so that no matter where she is stranded that she has access to another set of keys. She said that made sense... and, she would working on that.

OKAY... so, that setting the tone for MY day!!

2. Took my car into the shop for an oil change at Walmart. Drop it off and go inside to get a few things... yogurt, pickles, butter, ranch dressing, a new table cloth, a new insert for my razor, old bay seasoning, and a few other items. Went to pay for it. Over the PA came the announcement "TxRose, your assistance is needed immediately in the Auto Center. Would customer, TxRose, please return to the auto center for immediate assistance!" (NOTE: Of course, they didn't say, TxRose, but for the sake of this blog, they did!) Of course, thoughts were racing in my head, they have misguided my blazer to the bay and my wheels are hanging in the oil/lube work area....they have locked MY keys in the car... Lord, only knows what!!!

As I make my way up to the Auto Center counter, a man asks "Are you the lady with the red blazer??" I said "Yes, is there a problem!" Suddenly he runs to the door, "Mack, just leave it the way it is, she is here!!!" then runs back inside, we need you to sign this.... "Why???", I ask. "Because when Mack put the dipstick in, he could not get a reading off of the dipstick of any oil in your car!" I looked at him puzzled because the car, while it is 6,000 miles over due for an oil change, had not been overheating or anything of the manner, and I had put 1-2 qts of oil in the car about 3 weeks ago; but, I just signed it (being relieved that my wheels weren't hanging in the oil/lube work area or my keys weren't locked in the car) and moved forward!!

I picked up one or two more things as I moved back to the register, "Sorry your credit card has a stop on it!" What!!! That is insane.... They have to call it in and the bank indeed reports that they have sent me a new one and the one I was using at this time as been terminated. Of course, I had no cash on me (or any checks) because all I use is the bank card when I shop. I called the 800# to the bank and, once they had deactivated the old card, they cannot reactivate it. Of course, having a deactivated card does no good with an ATM machine either!!!

Well... fortunately, I did receive my new card last night, but the new card stated that I didn't have to activate it until July 22nd. Today, being only the 19th, I thought it would be okay to wait to activate it later today after I had a chance to purchase my card. But, noooooooo, the bank informs me that they mailed it to me on the 7th of July. Well, did it occur to them that mail from Delaware just might not take a few days to travel down here and they might want to deactivate the old card when they know that I had received the new card???

Lucky for me... I didn't take my mail up to my apartment last night! I went to the auto place and said that I needed to get into my car. They informed me that it was indeed ready, but how did I want to pay for the oil change??? PAY FOR IT???? Auuugghhhh... (*collecting my thoughts and calming myself down, I told him that that is EXACTLY why I needed to go to my car... and explained to him briefly about the whole deactivation of my old card fiasco and I was soooo very much hoping that my new card was still in the car.) It was!!! The man allowed me to use their office phone to call to activate the new card....and, as the bank had promised, the card was immediately good for the purchase!!! Yeeeaaaah....

I then got in the car and moved it around front, went in and paid with my new card the purchases I had attempted to purchase earlier with my old card.


3. I went to the nail salon and requested a manicure and a pedicure, along with a chair that had a massage. The young girl was terrific and was wanting to be a nurse some day. I left her a $10 tip for a $34 manicure and pedicure, which was well worth it and thanked her ever so much. In spite of the way the day started, I have actually been spoiled a bit in the end.

HOWEVER, the day is still young!!! lol.... What do you think????

I have some volunteer work to do and one of my classes is online tonight...and I might have to work a night shift tonight....

PS... Some good news, my cell phone is ready for me to pick up!!! lol... well, things are looking brighter!!! hee hee....

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/21/2005 11:41 am

TankMan27c - TRF time???

TankMan27c 39M
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7/21/2005 10:58 am

some of us get nail polish.. lol... then again, it's getting to be TRF time, and some of us dress the part... and that includes nail polish hehehe

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/20/2005 7:57 am

alice593 - You don't have to wait to transgender to do all the manicure and pedicure stuff. I have seen men in there too; of course, they generally don't go for the fingernail polish touches... but, for the rest of it -- definately.....

alice593 71M

7/20/2005 2:24 am

That was a heck of a way to start your day. Had days like that. Oh Lordy, don't want many more. Boy, I better save my money up, if those two things cost that much. After transgendering, I'll have to go through all that. LOL Oh my. Doing my hair, just slip on a wig. LOL

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