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6/30/2005 8:40 am

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I have lived in my apartment for about 3 years now and never saw a one scorpion; however, last week I saw a 3-inch dark brown scorpion come up out of the drainpipe of my garden-style tub. I know it came out of the drainpipe b/c as I was seeing it, I saw it's tail curling up out of the drainpipe. I called the management office and they said that the apt was getting sprayed "next Wed" anyways and they would tell the pest control people to also spray for scorpions.

Well, last night was "Wed" and they had never appeared that day to spray; yet, I found another 3-inch, dark brown scorpion on my bedroom wall! After killing that one too, I called the management office and left a voice mail asking them about it and why they didn't spray.

Thank goodness for the sturdiness of a good tennis shoe!!! Great tools at hand!!!....

I called the management office today and the same gal I had reported the first scorpion to answered the phone. I asked her if she remembered me from calling about the scorpion last week? She did and was sorry to inform me that they don't spray on the last Wed of the month (this was a 5 week month) and they are scheduled to come out next Wed instead; however, under the circumstances... they will be coming to spray today!!!

I sure hope so... I wouldn't have to pull up my paralegal skills and put them into action -- especially, if myself, my daughter, or anyone else visiting in this house gets stung!!!

In the meantime, I have put up the dark throw carpets and I am leaving my bed undone so that I can definately see if any scorpions lay to rest there!!

There is major highway construction about a mile from my home which has probably driven a nest of scorpions to find new places. I would be very surprised if I were the only one to be complaining.....

Any other things that you would suggest that I do????


Wanting to be Scorpion Free once again!!

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7/2/2005 3:57 pm

ProtonicMan - Not sure if I would want to do that and find their nest!!! lol.. Yikes!!

ProtonicMan 47M

7/2/2005 12:15 pm

This is for real. All scorpions glow under ultraviolet light. I read an article in Discover magazine several years ago. There were some researchers looking for them in the sand in a desert. They are hard to see normally, because they blend in, but with a black light at night they could find them pretty easily.

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7/1/2005 11:18 pm

ProtonicMan - yikes!!! They will glow???? Surely you jest!!!

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/1/2005 9:16 pm

indophilist - Ohhhhh, that is a HUGE relief!!! and, closer to what I had thought. Hmmm... yeah, I don't think that that solution would work in an apartment environment.....

I haven't seen many catipillars that you speak of since I was very little and living in San Antonio. We could never walk outside in the grass in the backyard w/o our shoes on just b/c of those awful things!! lol...

Thanks for the FYI though...

ProtonicMan 47M

7/1/2005 9:14 pm

If you want to make finding them easier, get a black light and search at night or in dim lighting. Scorpions will fluoresce (glow) under ultraviolet.

A quick web search (Google for "scorpion black light" provides some good hits) will also give you several other simple things you can do.

Earwigs are beetle-like critters in the midwest (and presumably other areas?). They are black, ugly, range from half to nearly three-quarters of an inch (1.5 to 2 cm) in length, and have little pincer-like appendages where the tail would be. They like damp areas and sometimes get into houses.

The folklore is that earwigs will crawl into a sleeping person's ear. In reality, they are pretty much harmless, although the creepy factor is pretty high.

rm_indophilist 36M

7/1/2005 12:18 pm

The pain and toxicity from a scorpion sting can vary greatly.
Fortunately the large 3" brown ones you describe
are the least poisonous of Texas species.
The small yellow species found in far West Texas
are much more toxic, even lethal in some cases.
I don't know how to get rid of them though.
People in far West Texas would put bed, crib, and chair legs
in cans of gasoline, an idea unsuitable for an apartment.
Also watch out for asps (pus caterpillars). Talk about painful.

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7/1/2005 8:24 am

HILLC0UNTRYMALE - Hmmmm.. well if I get bit by ants, I better have plenty of rubbing alcohol on hand otherwise, I am swelling up big time. Bee stings will cause some swelling as well unless I immediately put on a past of baking soda on the sting. No idea what a scorpion would do to me... I think I just don't wanna find out!!!

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6/30/2005 3:13 pm

As long as you aren't allergic to them a Tx scorpion sting really isn't bad, usually less reaction than to a bee sting. We were spraying the yard & house quarterly and having fair success (they were reappearing in the 3rd month) until we used cedar mulch in the flower beds; now we spray 2x/year. Don't just pick up a newspaper that has been sitting out all day on the ground, they like to hide in or under them.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/30/2005 10:50 am

cajunpet - Sort of. I live in a 3-bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor. Many of those things don't apply.

cumtounge44 - earwigs??? What the heck is that??????

UPDATE: They sprayed today (about a 1/2 hr ago) and said that it would last 4 weeks but the chemicals they use may stir some of them up instead!!! JUST GREAT!!!! lol... I have requested them to come back out next week for a followup!!!

74ShovelHD 53M

6/30/2005 10:49 am

Well if that isn't enough reason to move 1000 miles away...what else would be???? I tell you what... there ain't none of them dangerous critters up where it snows!!!


6/30/2005 10:43 am

When I saw the title ..... I thought of reading a horoscope match lol

Ok ..... there is nothing you can do more than them to come and spray the place.

Go to a super Market .... and search also for sprays ... so as you do it also.

Actually ... i have never faced something like this .... on my house .... so I better back up.

Just don't think of it all the time ...... because you will not be able to sleep

Only I can say is :

Wish you .... to get rid of those and feel free again in your own house

Just Me --- EAGLE KK 2005

* Keep bothering them ... until they come *

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6/30/2005 10:41 am

Scorpions are really not that big of a deal, I have been stung many of times even crawled into bed with one one night. As the construction in Austin gets worse you will see more and more of them. Bengal makes a fogger that works great it kills all of them and keeps them from coming back.

cajunpet 70M
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6/30/2005 9:59 am

I would demand that management do an immediate inspecption of your apartment complex to determine how the scorpions are getting in. The other apartments must have them also.

Want to get rid of them.

Scorpions are difficult to control with insecticides alone. Therefore, the first control strategy is to modify the area surrounding a house.

* Remove all trash, logs, boards, stones, bricks and other objects from around the home.
* Keep grass closely mowed near the home. Prune bushes and overhanging tree branches away from the house. Tree branches can provide a path to the roof for scorpions.
* Store garbage containers in a frame that allows them to rest above ground level.
* Never bring firewood inside the house unless it is placed directly on the fire.
* Install weather-stripping around loose fitting doors and windows.
* Plug weep holes in brick veneer homes with steel wool, pieces of nylon scouring pad or small squares of screen wire.
* Caulk around roof eaves, pipes and any other cracks into the home.
* Keep window screens in good repair. Make sure they fit tightly in the window frame.

I hope this helps you out.

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

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6/30/2005 9:13 am

EvilMuppet69 - No, never!!!

EvilMuppet69 37M
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6/30/2005 9:01 am

Im a Scorpio. I hope you wouldn't give me a beating with your shoe. =(

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