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7/28/2005 2:35 pm

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For almost a year I didn't think that I would have enough work; now, my work is well underway -- and, probably with a little too many demands on me at this time; however, I am one of those people who work well under chaos and find fast approaching deadlines stimulating. If the deadline is way off into the future, I often find myself procrastinating until the last moment anyhow; however, knowing that a few bombshells are heading my way is always nice to know.

Susan Powers would always say, "Where's the Sanity?" ... and that comes to mind when I am working so many differing jobs.

I think, though, that the signs of the economy possibly improving slightly are underway -- just wish it would include for better pay of jobs, but one step at a time!!

More later... Off to the shelter. Rest of my day has been good soooooo far....

How about yours???


rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/29/2005 10:51 pm

alice593 - Well.. may the sanity be with you!!! lol.. Drive safely...and take it easy!! Relax.....


alice593 71M

7/29/2005 10:07 pm

I leave this sunday for vacation. May do me good to get away for a while. I hope to get on saturday, but may not. So good blogging to you.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/29/2005 8:32 pm

jayR63 - Have not a clue... lol... but, it is funny how something that is said by people sticks in your mind more than the person at times.

rm_jayR63 59F
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7/29/2005 7:54 pm

Where is Susan Powter and what is she doing RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/29/2005 7:04 pm

alice593 - I am so glad that you are feeling soooo much better, or at least better. You surprised me by emailing me that you were taking a vacation for about a week and I wouldn't be hearing from you...then you were posting. So BTW, I do remember the Dale Carnegie courses.... I took the speed reading classes when I was at Univ of Texas way back when.....but those that went to Harvard and Yale (and the like), it was almost a requirement that they take the Dale Carnegie courses. I sometimes wonder if they were successful business people b/c of the college or the Dale Carnegie courses.

waggypolly - There are small signs of improvement; most people aren't wanting to talk about it too much b/c afraid it will disappear again - especially, for those of us who have had a hard time during the past few years.

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7/29/2005 11:01 am

Thanks, bella_ !

abdoullah5 - Not exactly sure what you said...but, a sexual appetite???

pASSionwantd2 - Is "Top of the Day!" Irish or Scottish??? I always thought it was irish....

alice593 71M

7/28/2005 10:33 pm

Oh yeah, before becoming a supervisor for the company I worked for out east at one time, they had us go to the Dale Carnegie School for better memories of names, proper ways to treat your workers, etc. I went to night school for business management, accounting, and planning. Wish you the best in your work.

alice593 71M

7/28/2005 10:29 pm

Like I said in a couple of your blogs earlier, it hasn't been good physically. But also, like I said earlier in the responses, you have brightened things up quite a bit; and I do feel a heck of a lot better. Almost wrote a swear word. LOL (Substitute for heck)

pASSionwantd2 50M
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7/28/2005 6:13 pm

'TOP of the Day to ya' Lass'

abdoullah5 40M

7/28/2005 3:52 pm

qll beauté rare à trouver tu ouvres mon appetit sexuel biz

bella_ 47F
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7/28/2005 3:02 pm

Wishing you luck always!

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