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6/14/2005 7:09 pm

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I have a friend that is a psychic and is about to put herself into business for slumber parties with massages, psychic readings, etc., etc.

She asked if I had ever given massages b/4? I answered quickly. I gave the Aggie football team some massages in 1978 or 1979 - did that count? She laughed and wondered more about the story.

Well, I told her... I had gone to visit some of my Aggie buddies during the fall of 1978 or 1979. (shhh.. I am telling on my age, I guess!)....

ANYHOW, my friends and I were walking across the the center where they were having a fair. They were pointing out their QB... and I said outloud, "He's so short!!"... They elbowed me and said don't say things like that... and then they said to him, "Don't mind her, she's from TU!!"... lol...

Later we got to the center where they were hosting a fair. We played in a few games -- wheel of fortune, jeopardy, etc.... then we went back to a dark room with cubicles. Guys would come in to get a massage... Someone (from the chicken house? as I recall) taught us how to do the massages properly.... then let us loose on the guys...

J*** thought it funny to holler out.... right in the middle of my massaging a football player... "watch out for her, she's from TU".... They sat up quickly ... then I gently pushed them back down and continued the massage. It was too funny.... They could care less, at that point in time, that I was from The University of Texas!!! ...

I had so much fun that weekend.....

Then the psychic friend brought me back to her present conversation and asked... are you a licensed massage therapist???? I had to tell her no... but, I'd be willing to get in in 6 months!!!

Too funny... If the "chicken house" had still existed, I might get them to certify that I had been taught by one of their own!!!...

Oh, well..... Great memories, alas!!!

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6/15/2005 7:49 am

sportyfun56 - You are so very welcome!! Hope you will be blessed this weekend with Father's Day.... save me a grilled steak, will you???? hmmm....


sportyfun56 106M

6/15/2005 7:19 am

Great story. And it does seem that the poor aggies are always being manhandled by those of us from "The University".

And I hadn't heard a reference to the "Chicken House" for a long time... lol. thanks.

hook 'em

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6/15/2005 6:03 am

cajunpet - Absolutely.... and what we all need is some great therapy!!! lol... all kidding aside, it is very therapeutic and relaxing, as well as another way to increase that bond...

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6/15/2005 12:16 am

Massages are very therapeutic for both the giver and receiver.

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

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