Firework Photos???  

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7/2/2005 5:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Firework Photos???

I am soooo used to getting 1500/1600? ASA film for a 35mm camera to take photos for fireworks. I didn't have my 35mm camera any more last year and the digital camera just didn't capture the essence of the fireworks.

I guess I am just going to have to break down and buy myself another 35mm camera....or, do you know how I can achieve the same results through a digital camera?????


rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/4/2005 7:51 am

wyvernrose - I do have a 256k flash card I use in mine. That should allow me to get a "few" possible shots....

harshawj - My digital camera isn't all that sophisticated....but, we'll see. Geeeee... I do miss my 35mm cameras I had. Laters!

wyvernrose 38F
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7/3/2005 6:55 am

txrose. I have a hp435 and managed to get some good shots, I can't say they were great because I didn't have a tripod and was actually cursing the lack of all should be able to do the same with yours.

you set it to Action or night and turn the flash off......and make sure you have a massive memory card. although after the first few dozen shots I gave up and discovered the Video recorded was much better than any still I could tak without a tripod so went with that it's great sound and all....and I upload mine rather than print so either works well for me


rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/2/2005 3:31 pm

willie8one2 (*sigh*) I am so underemployed right now, it isn't funny. I have been living with the underemployment due to the fact that the jobs I work at have semi-flexible schedules. Maybe I should consider working at a camera place so I can get a massive discount!!! lol.... That's all I need... one more job to add to my already lengthy resume!! hee hee...


rm_willie8one2 70M
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7/2/2005 3:15 pm

The Cannon Digital Rebel SLR will do what you want in the manual mode, only problem is you will put out about $800.00 for the lower cost one with lenses, I have over $1600 in mine with all the lenses and accessories. Cajunpet has put it down right on what to do. I switched to digital 2 years ago and now I have a drawer full of 35mm bodies and lenses, 11 bodies and 23 lenses. I liked the 35mm SLR and held off on buying a digital until I could get one with interchangeable lenses at a price I would pay, Only wish I could have found one that I could have used all the Olympus AF and Konica AR lenses I have.

I liked to use Kodachrome 35mm slide film and it is getting harder to find as I travel around the world and that helped me make the change, so now I carry a notebook computer and photo editing software along with the camera and lenes. Progress I guess.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/2/2005 11:06 am

jayR63 - hmmm.. I have been waiting to have the money to do the upgrade...or for the camera prices to continue coming down!! The itch for the camera photo style that I can't seem to whole-heartedly express through my HP612 Digital camera (albeit it does have some accessories...that ironically, can't be bought in the United States...auuugghhhh) is getting harder to ignore. Guess I'll just have to break down and go for it!!!

cajunpet - it has been my experience that the ol' elbows on the knees does just as good a stabizer as the tripod and changing the ASA of the film to 1600 in the 35mm camera is a fantastic way to take the fireworks photos. It is just trying to figure out with the basic digital camera.

PillsburyCodeBoy - I had a Canon AE, a Minolta, and another Canon camera....all in all, it isn't so much the camera as it is the film in it...having a zoom lense helps.... and adding the UV and/or other lens covers on the lens add the depth and clarity.... Boy, do I miss my 35mm cameras right now... Hopefully, I will find a good digital with variable ISOs on it soon that are reasonably priced.

PillsburyCodeBoy 60M

7/2/2005 9:53 am

My digital camera, a Canon PowerShot A95, has a setting that says it's specifically for shooting fireworks. I haven't tried it for that yet. Maybe this weekend. Anyway, I love my camera and highly recommend it to others.

cajunpet 70M
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7/2/2005 9:35 am

100 f/ 8 to 16

Sorry about that. I will try it again

cajunpet 70M
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7/2/2005 9:31 am

Here are some tips I know for taking fireworks photos.

It is most important to place your camera on a tripod or other steady support. A tripod can greatly increase the quality of your shots.

Set your camera's focal length to normal or preferably it's widest angle.

Set the camera to it's highest quality settings (size and resolution).

For most shots, position the camera vertically rather than horizontally.

Use your camera's self-timer; or a camera remote.

Turn off the flash (if you can't turn it off, tape a piece of cardboard over it). Steer clear of other sources of lights such as street lamps and parking lots with artificial lighting.

Even if your digital camera's settings can not be changed, the automatic settings may keep the shutter open long enough for a proper exposure.

Set your camera to landscape mode.

If your camera has manual settings.

Set focus to infinity.

Use an aperture of F5.6 or smaller (higher number).

Exposure: try between 1/2 and 4 seconds; although one to two seconds seems to work best.

If possible, use an ISO of 100 or below.

ISO aperture
~50 ~ f/5.6 to 11
100 ~ f/8 to 16
200 ~ f/11 to 22

Take as many photos as you can ~ you can delete the bad ones later. The more photos you take, the better your chances of some really stunning shots!

Have a Happy 4Th of July.

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/2/2005 8:12 am

smileguyqc - yeah, me too!!

rockinhard24 - yeppers. Kevvy and I bought this camera as our first anniversary gift to one another in spite of some rough times b/c we were tired of risking the film development of our pics we were taking of one another. Soooo, okay, I need to look for a camera with ISO options??? hmmm.. FYI... I definately have a photo bug eye. Thanks.

expatbrit49 - a night mode??? I don't THINK that my camera has that option.

rm_jayR63 59F
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7/2/2005 7:55 am

My Nikon high end coolpix has a specific mode for that but I haven't tried it yet. rockinhard24 is right, you will prpbably do fine with a medium-high end digital, maybe $500

expatbrit49 62M

7/2/2005 7:24 am

Most digitals have a night mode that work fairly well for fireworks they do not fully freeze frame, ie there is some streaking, but on the whole not bad. If you have a more sophisticated digital SLR it is possible to duplicate anything that the wet-film equivalent can.

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

rockinhard24 36M

7/2/2005 7:16 am

I'm guessing you have one of the cheaper digital cameras? $200-300 range? If so you probably don't have any options to set the ISO. Only way is if you have a digital that lets you set your iso up to 1600. So go back to film and have fun. Remember it's not the camera it's how you use it. I've taken great photo with those toy-like Holga's that are the hipster range now.

smileguyqc 53M

7/2/2005 7:11 am

I tried it with mine but as you said the results were not great. I think with the newer higher end models you might be able to achieve better results. Interested to hear what others have to say.

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