Feeling alive today!!  

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Feeling alive today!!

One doesn't realize at times how connected we are through the internet -- not only for personal friends and families connections through emails, IMs, and bloggings - bur, also for business functions. Last Wednesday, my internet service was disconnected for lack of payment last Wednesday, December 28th; however, despite the fact that I paid them on the same day, they stated that the first date that they could reconnect me was on Wednesday, January 4th. I nearly fainted at the sound of that since my livelihood depends on my being able to enter daily reports to various employer's websites that I work for. They rethought it out and sought approval for them to get it reconnected on Saturday, December 31st.

That being not better since I was working feverishly on getting various projects done by the end of the year, I okayed it if that was the very best that they could do. They insisted that it was; however, I suffered severe back pain in the next few days from the added stress of trying to figure out how I was going to enter in my reports and get my work done at the same time. On Thursday night, I utilized the computers at the library, but they closed at 9pm and I could only get so much entered in. Then on Friday, I went to a 24hr Kinkos, but just being on the computer for about an hour or so cost me over $11 -- certainly not enough time to get it all done. I still had work to do on Saturday so I missed the opportunity to visit the libary by its 5pm closure so I hoped and prayed that they were keeping to their word to get my service reconnected on Saturday.

Saturday evening came and they stated that the job was closed and complete; however, I still had no service and my options narrowed as it was New Year's Eve. They did offer to set it up for an emergency call on New Year's Day, but I wasn't holding my breath.

Never having a personal laptop wired for wireless, I borrowed my daughter's laptop in an effort to get as many reports in that I could. After charging it up for a few hours, I went to Barnes & Nobles, hoping that they would be open and knowing that they would probably be closed early due to it being New Years' Eve, and sat outside of Barnes & Noble in my car in their parking lot and connected to the internet for a 2hr option for connection to the Freedom Link.

So, there I sat for 2 hours on New Year's Eve and completed all but one of my reports. Not being used to the laptop I had to re-enter my reports several times as they disappeared suddenly from my screen. Oh, well. I did get it accomplished and I can rest now knowing that I will get paid for my hard work to get the projects done prior to the end of the year.

Upon my return home to my apartment building I was forced to call the police as a bottle rocket was set center and in front of me as I was driving up to my building. They didn't see me coming. I backed up and drove another way to my apartment, but did call the police as we have a burn ban in effect in Texas - and, the last thing I needed to have happen was for my building to burn down because of some stupidity of some teenagers/young adults.

Of course, I certainly didn't want to spend my New Year's Eve entering in reports; however, at least, I know that I will remember this one. Last year, I had been stricken down with the flu the night before New Year's Eve -- and, not only did I sleep through New Year's Eve, I didn't even wake up for New Year's Day or the day after. In fact, family and friends came to check on me to see that I was indeed alive because it simply isn't like me to sleep for that long - 4 days solid!!!

At least, this New Year's feels real in that I did make some black-eyed peas for us all (myself, my daughter, and her boyfriend) to eat to bring us all good luck for the New Years, along with some sausage -- which, incidently, was still good enough today for the supplemental good luck as I had them again for lunch today.

Speaking of which, as soon as I ate my black-eyed peas for lunch today, the cable company's technician called and said he'd be over here in 15 mins to restore my cable service. He had suspected that they had installed the mechanism on the pole back wrong and he wouldn't need to come into my apartment, but he would check to make sure that I had it once again before he left.

Wow! As I was working on my computer, I saw the alerts pop up for my email!!!

I was soooo very happy to be reconnected that it has made me feel absolutely alive!!!!! I thanked him emensly as he knocked on my door to check on my service.

I now can start the New Year's with a weight off of my shoulders and a renewed resurgence of life streaming through my body. This week is a light week for me and I have set goals of getting spreadsheets ready for the tax preparers of the expenses of 2005, complete school work that got pushed behind because of the hectic nature of the end of the year business in December, get things organized for my jobs that I tend to, as well as strive to better log my expenses on a regular basis so that I am not spending the first week in 2007 doing the same!

I am thankful for the jobs that I obtained in 2005 and their continuance into 2006. I am looking forward to my lease ending in April and moving to a more affordable home now that my daughter is moving forward with her life and will not necessarily be living with either me or her Dad in the future as she is finding herself in love and may be getting married by August 2006. (I am pushing for August 2007 just to see that she gets her Associate's Degree behind her at the very least before she gets married.)

While working my jobs and forging ahead with my own Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Psychology, I am going to strive in 2006 to have a better balance for social life as well. I want to live to be able to play too rather than just work to live.

At any rate, I hope that you all rang out the 2005 year safely and you have your sights set high for a very prosperous 2006 year in whatever you have resolved for your goals and ambitions for 2006. I look forward to hear from everyone in 2006 as we all achieve our hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

May you all feel as alive as I do at this very moment!!!

Lots of hugs and kisses to you all,


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