Do you have any questions for me????  

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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8/8/2005 5:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do you have any questions for me????

Just curious....

I have a gruelling week ahead of me with now three jobs....

38 hours shelter
24 hours security
24 hours merchandising

and holding my daughter's hand as she gets 2 of her 4 wisdom teeth out;

helping my friend with the corporate reports;

deliving a State Government Bid Proposal in;

attending a non-profit retreat;

etc., etc...

So, I am going to open up the "floor" so-to-speak for you all to ask me questions. Most of you know me well through my blogs, but there might be a few questions you have pondering in your heads. Ask and I will try to answer them all!!!

Talk to you more laters...


Thankfully, I have a school break this week!!!

pASSionwantd2 50M
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8/9/2005 8:23 pm

Do you Work when you are Not Working and play when you are Not Playing,lol!!!!!

redswallow777 48M
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8/9/2005 1:38 pm

Here is an apt one for the occasion....When do you find time for your pleasure with a schedule like this?

PillsburyCodeBoy 60M

8/9/2005 12:58 pm

I can think of a lot of questions for you, but after reading that schedule, the one that comes to mind first is ... are you getting enough sleep?

rm_CookieLips2 61M

8/9/2005 8:33 am

TxRose, there are a lot of questions that I would like to ask you but I think it is far more intriguing if you remain a mystery to me. That's half of the excitement, right?

Lipator 56M
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8/9/2005 7:17 am

Do you have a date in mind for Ecuador?

djnap40 52M
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8/9/2005 6:21 am

BTW again -- you really need a hobby to fill some of your spare time

djnap40 52M
22 posts
8/9/2005 5:48 am

OMG are you kidding? I must have a thousand questions...I will have to contemplate this a little while -- don't want to miss my chance.

BTW -- I often wonder if i ever speak with ... or --- I seem to write them all the time!

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