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5/9/2005 11:43 pm

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I grew up with influences of the Baptist, Disciples of Christ, Presbyterian, and Methodist Churches. I, on occasion, went to a Catholic service but was annoyed at not knowing the chants and processes at the services and felt lost.

However, growing up, I also knew a lot of Catholic friends. They would mention that they went to their confessionals, but never really elaborated about what they confessed; although they did confess that they sometimes would feel incomplete if they didn't have something to confess about and would make up something.

What was the most outrageous confessional that you ever told? Was it true???? What did the Priest do to punish you?????

Just curious.....

missy97330 47F

5/14/2005 1:56 am

I was raised Catholic. I seldom went to confession, maybe once or twice. I think some (Catholic) churches stress it more than others and I never had the pressure to go.

I was such a good girl, seriously, that I found it hard to come up with something to say. One suggestion that was given to us "good kids" was to confess feelings rather than action (jealousy, evny, rage) or to confess you had not done all you could have in certain situations.

The priest never "punished" you. That wasn't the idea at all. The idea was that as a sinner you needed intervention to talk to God. The priest being more holy than you was closer to God. He would then give you prayers to pray right after you left the confessional.

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5/11/2005 3:12 pm

lol... lust....

Never thought about them in quite that manner......

lustmirror 63M
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5/11/2005 3:05 pm

With the diminishing interests in organized religion, I have heard that there is a bit of speculation about using those little cabanas for OTB. (off track betting )
there, I am officially ex-communicated.....

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/11/2005 8:53 am

lol... My brother would never be a minister; he enjoys the nightlife in NYC too much!!! However, I do know quite a few of them in the Houston area... lol....

goko54 62M

5/11/2005 7:06 am

Rose, I haven't seen her in years, but the memories reamin tittilating even today.
And if you do get over here to Houston, drop me a don't have a minister for a brother , do you?

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/11/2005 12:29 am

Sharksy... Yeah, I think that you have hit the nail on the head so-to-speak. It is about facing it for yourself in the end, which is why so many of the other Christian faith religions haven't interpreted JC's messages to include the need for confessionals. You are the one who has to live with your transgressions, etc. in the end and will have to tell St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. That is what my wise Grandma would always say.

I work at a shelter wherein I hear all sorts of stories. I am warmed by the fact that they do move forward and rebuild their lives, leaving their bad lives behind them.

rm_sharksnsails 46M
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5/10/2005 11:50 pm

I haven't been to confession in a long time. I was raised catholic, but often wonder that many of JC's best messages were lost in translation. Nowadays I think the best confession is sharing success stories with other people who have kicked habbits and addictions, bettered themselves or resisted temptations. A preist telling me to do hail mary's doesn't help me to sleep as well as the guy who tells me he's come back from spiking dope to re-earn the respect of his family, or the girl that re-learned how to love after getting VD while losing here virginity to a guy that beat her. I think that confessions is not about answering to the Lord (believe me He know's already) but maybe more for facing it yourself. Then you can begin to forgive yourself, that's what I think the Big Guy wants. IMHO

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5/10/2005 8:06 pm

Thanks for your input, apolybear!!!

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/10/2005 8:04 pm

oh, ps. Goko, I don't get back to Houston as often as I would like to because of my schedule... I certainly miss a lot about Houston.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/10/2005 8:02 pm

goko... My goodness!! Having sex with the minister's sister??? Oh, my!! and telling him about it??? Oh, no!!! Well, I am sure that everyone was surprised by that turn of events, albeit slightly embarrassed about how it all came about. Do you still see her at all????

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/10/2005 1:28 pm

I am sure that jokes change slightly as they are being passed around to fit into the situation at hand!! lol....

Apolybear 54M

5/10/2005 12:37 pm

I’ve confessed that I don't have much use for organized religion. I just don't see the point of having a self-imposed middleman telling me what God (Universe, Allah, Infinite Spirit etc.) expects of me. I prefer to ask her

goko54 62M

5/10/2005 10:27 am

PS...I'm also from Texas, over by Houston , if you ever get over here......

goko54 62M

5/10/2005 10:26 am

Since I'm not Catholic I don't know if you will count this one or not, but many years ago, never mind how many, I was in a relationship with a younger woman from another town. We had been having some great exploratory sex, you know, finding each others likes and dislikes, when our emotions got a little ahead of the actual values of our relationship...going much too fast emotionally when both of us really just wanted sex. I had a very frank preliminary discussion about it with the minister at my church, Sparing only the juiciest detailshe got a very complete picture of what was happening between us......but lost his objectivity when he realized she was his sister(completely unbeknonst to me), younger, lustier, and with a different last name. She was embarrassed, but ultimately amused. We fucked for about 3 years after that, but I just couldn't go back to that church.......

rm_bluegenes51 56M
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5/10/2005 10:02 am

Heard the same joke that smileguy told except the kid was told that he was not allowed to attend church services for 2 weeks. When asked what happened he said, "Got 2 weeks vacation and 3 good leads." My Catholic friends used to "make up" sins to confess, also.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/10/2005 8:39 am

wyvernrose - Although I have never been to a confessional (b/c I am not Catholic), I couldn't imagine having a dry spell in oh so long!!

If you were having to go to confessional today, what would you have to say.... or, if you were to meet St. Peter at the Gate... ?????

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/10/2005 7:36 am

smileguy - Angela's Ashes? I remember the name, but uncertain if I ever saw the movie. I remember previews for it... guess I ought to find it sometime....

BTW, a roommate I had was also Mormon...she had a "pandora's box" of sorts (a chest filled with all the vices... coca-cola, bourbon, and so much more...which she wasn't supposed to have as a Mormon); she later married a Catholic. Wonder what all she had to confess??? lol....

smileguyqc 53M

5/10/2005 5:57 am

There's a book called "Angela's Ashes", about an Irish catholic boy growing up poor in the slums of southern Ireland, funny and a bit sad, his confessions are part of the story. There's also a recent movie called "Saint Ralph", very funny and also has some confessional anticts. Me, I was in the Mormon church for 12 years, blah!, anyway masturbation was one of my confessions, was told to do push-ups go figure.

Here's a joke: Young man goes to confession, entering the booth and closing the door he says "fogive me Father for I have sinned", "what have you done my son" says the Father, "Father I have been with a lose woman" he says, "I see" says the Father, "tell me son was it Ginny Malloy", "no Father it was not" he replies, "was it Jane Raftery" inquires the Father, "no Father twas not her", "then was it Melody O'toole my son", "no father I cannot tell", "I see says the Father, well go thy way my son, say ten hail Maries and four Our Fathers and sin no more". Leaving the church the young fellow meets his friend waiting outside. "Well how was it" says the friend, "Not bad says the young man, got 10 hail Maries, 4 our Fathers and 3 Good leads"

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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5/10/2005 5:40 am

Kinda makes you think, too, rockin, what the Priests must say in their own confessionals!!! hee hee...

wyvernrose 38F
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5/10/2005 1:37 am

I haven't been to confession in 14 years........ not unless you count a six pack and pizza with friends, or my blog


rockinhard24 36M

5/10/2005 12:09 am

i can only imagine the stories priests must hear. honestly i don't know how they'd stay virgins

18yr old virgin: "priest, is it wrong that I like to masturbate 2 times a day?"
priest: "errr uhmmm, what?...uh no?"


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