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rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/10/2005 1:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Blog FAQ & Blog Rules

Wow! Now we can finally know more about our blogsites rather than blindly feeling our way through the process. I think most of did quite well in figuring things out by trial and error, but now we also can know why possibly our posts have been denied.

I do say possibly though b/c sometimes there seems to be just no rhyme or reason to it still; however, I (personally) feel that I am getting fewer posts denied b/4 the blog FAQ and Blog Rules have been published.

They have, seemingly, finally heard us insofar as this aspect when we submitted a list of complaints. I take this as a sign of additional improvements that are being made behind the scenes.

Can't wait to see them start in on a list that we haven't created for them of improvements to the Blogland site!! Kudos for their accomplishments though already!!!

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/11/2005 4:25 am

jayR63 - Expatbrit is always a rebellion.... which we all find exciting because there is a little of a rebellious nature in each and every one of us AdultFriendFinder members!!

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/11/2005 4:22 am

expatbrit49 - lol... it is typical that rules are loosely written to encompass a wider range of ideas. Lawyers often do that to cover all bases. Maybe they had an attorney look them over????

At least, they have a starting off point to work with. I am sure we can challenge any of the rules that we feel are too vague (and which we are being hit with way too often).

However, I think that the majority of the bloggers already comply with most of the rules....don't you agree????

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
3289 posts
6/11/2005 4:19 am

Mysticwriter88 - Yeah... even a behind the scenes person has even created a blog of his own. Interesting...

rm_jayR63 59F
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6/10/2005 4:17 pm

Like this one- I think ExpatB. has begun quaffing brews already

expatbrit49 62M

6/10/2005 4:05 pm

Well true they have posted Rules but they are so vauge as to allow them to interperate anything as not suitable or against the rules such as this response which clearly is against the second to last rule

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/10/2005 3:55 pm

I agree, they are finally getting somewhere and seem to be listening!

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