And what did you do on your summer vacation???  

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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8/27/2005 1:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

And what did you do on your summer vacation???

Summer's over for the Texas kids, and after Labor day, it will be over for all the kids Nationwide. Every year, I returned to school, it would seem that I had to submit a paper on what I did in the summer.

PostingNick has returned from his summer outtings and writes about it in his [blog PostingNick] blog.

For me... It has primarily been filled with working three jobs, but interspersed with a sprinkling of two long distance meetups with two special AdultFriendFinder men (one in July from Nevada and the other in August from California), visited family on Memorial Day weekend, attending the Biker Rally Concert near the 4th of July, arranged for my daughter to go to New York City to visit my brother, and seeing some countryside while travelling for my Merchandising job. Dang! I need a vacation!!! Maybe, I'll make it up to Chicago in October...

What about you??? Where have you been this summer? Have you done anything out of the ordinary this summer?

I would love to hear about you and your summer vacation (especially, since I didn't get much of one this summer)....

Just curious....


rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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8/29/2005 12:40 pm

jim5131 - LOL... I DO know what you mean. So much work this summer that the only time we get quality time is when she spends it with me at the shelter sometimes!!! lol...

I would love to have lunch with you again.... just let me know.....


jim5131 55M
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8/29/2005 1:11 am

hey Rose! you know me...workworkwork..and really didn't do much of anything this summer..DID go down to Corpus with the two boys a few weeks ago and had a great time. We need to go to lunch again when I slow down someday...

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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8/27/2005 9:53 pm

dansxtratsty - Ohhh.. I can certainly understand that... I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills... lol... Memories!!!

Nothing like a good road trip. I have always enjoyed Colorado...and, sometime, would love to go to Wyoming. One of the few states that I have actually never been to!!!

Sounds like you had a good time. This is always a good thing....


rm_dansxtratsty 63M

8/27/2005 9:24 pm

Hello pretty lady, After being dumped by my wife of 24 years I finaly Got to take a much needed trip up to the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming ! Thought I would have to make the drive alone, but at the last minute My two youngest children 19 and 21 came over from Houston and came along! Was great to have them with me to share the driving and the awsome mountain scenery ! We had a great time on the trip and it was so refreshing to get back to Gods country!

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