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8/30/2006 12:01 am

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Queen for a day

It’s funny (or perhaps tragic) that you often learn things too late in a relationship to help. But hopefully you can learn something to help the next time around. It's like we are in training for the "next time".

My Ex wanted to be treated like a queen and I always thought I did a pretty good job of it. I loved her, adored her, respected her, and wanted nothing in life more than her total happiness. I did my best to provide everything in life she ever wanted. She was my Queen.

The problem was, I had the notion that I was the King. She was my mate. My equal. My partner. My Queen.

Guess what? I had it totally wrong. I wasn’t the King. I might have been the Knight. Or the Prime Minister. Or the Rook. Maybe even the Court Jester. But I was never the King. It took waaaay to long for me to figure that out.

I should have been the loyal and attentive minion. If I had learned that sooner, I’m confident that this woman would still be part of my life.

You know something? I would have been happy with that. All I wanted was to be part of her life. I did not need to be the King. I would be perfectly happy to be her subject.

Oh well…

Live and learn.

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