Writen and Fantasized by: KAYBEAR  

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5/26/2006 7:17 am
Writen and Fantasized by: KAYBEAR

A hot summer day, home all alone, I decided to go out to the pool for a swim and cool off a little bit and ofcourse with on one else home i thought that i would swim naked, so i took my suit off and got in the water, as i laid there with my eyes closed i started to fantasize about having two men.
I let my hand slide down to my pussy that was already getting moist at the thought. as i played with my clit and daydreaming i heard a slight rustle in the grass at the pool side and to my suprise when i opened my eyes there stood my husband with a huge grin on his face and beside him stood a gentlemen that i had never seen before.
Having fun? my husband asked, and with a devilish grin i just returned the question with one of my own, want to join me?, they both waisted no time in trying to fight there already hard cocks out of the jeans they were wearing.
I just laid ther with my legs spread wide and my fingers still in my pussy as the two of them slid into the pool and up beside me, i kept my eyes closed not knowing which one of them was doing what but one was sucking on my hard nipples and the other took over playing with my pussy, before i knew it i had a hard cock in my mouth and a warm tongue licking and sucking on my clit, I felt hot pleasure run through my thighs and excitement of what was about to cum.
I soon found myself sucking on two hard dicks at the same time and fingers running up and down my body from my breast to my pussy, I was certainly in heaven at that momment.
I decided to get out of the pool so i took them both by the hand and led them over to the patio, i wanted to get fucked right then, I pushed my husband down on the chair and bent over to suck his dick, my ass up in the air for easy access to my wet pussy for his friend, he walked up behind me and slid his huge cock into my pussy, i moaned with pleasure, i instantly pushed back against him hard letting him know i wanted to be fucked, he took the hint and thrust his dick in and out with vigerous force, my husband stood up and pushed against my face with his dick in my mouth and i was getting hornier by the minute, both of them thrusting hard at my pussy and my face at the same time, i had to cumm right then, it was awsome,
when they were done making me cum my husband pulled his dick out of my mouth and sat down in the chair then pulled me towards him, he turned me around and made me sit on his lap, as i felt his hard cock slip into my pussy his friend walked up to me and put his dick in my mouth which i gladly sucked on in rhythem with the pumping my husband was giving my hot wet pussy.
I could tell that the two of them were about to cum, as my husband began to moan with great pleasure his friend pulled his dick out of my mouth and we all three started cumming at the same time, my husband filling my pussy with cum, his friend splashed cum all over my face and chest, i never thought that i could cum so hard with so much passion, as we all calmed down for a minute to catch our breath my mind was already thinking of the nest possition i could get the two of them into, and at that moment i heard the patio door open......there starts another fantasy.


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