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8/21/2006 5:25 am

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City Garden

I sit on a bench in the clanging city, eating a sarny and spilling crumbs for my fair weather friends the pigeons. They call it a garden here, but to me a garden is a place you can smell the earth and see where fingers have dug in and plants have been sewn.

I share my seat with an old lady, whose upper and lower plates collide as she chews in a seismic event. Her shopping bag has seen better days and the wheels squeaked with a rhythm as she approached. We avoid each other at opposite ends, talk is not cheap. Everyone avoids everything here amongst the grey clouds of bodies, where faces merge into one and dark buildings prowl the streets with a thousand glass eyes. I long for a place where the hills are empty and trees run wild; that place I hid in childhood for a cool long think and a dream or two.

I am under a maple. Its claw foot leaves are large and tumbling through the Autumn chill in a hundred muted shades. It leans over and sprinkles yellowing finery all around me like a blessing. But it's a hollow, forced smile gesture. I sense something tragic in the shape of this magnificent frame. Here, in the city, it cowers ill in the acid air. Homesick for a glen or meadow it has never known, the tumbled from glory silhouette slouches, as a captured tiger, caged in a suffocating zoo. It appears only I have noticed its sadness, the tears falling from above to form rotting carpets at my feet. I cry too for this once proud beast, hiding my eyes behind a wholewheat veil while everyone else goes about their way thinking, in their foolishness, that this is a garden.

Reverbe2 43F
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8/21/2006 11:57 am

wow thats really impressive writing...

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rm_tuttle 43M
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8/22/2006 1:44 am

    Quoting Reverbe2:
    wow thats really impressive writing...
Aww, thanks Reverbe. I have a bit of a negative thing going on cities at the moment. Must be getting old and tired

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