Walk on the Wild Side  

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10/4/2005 3:19 am

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Walk on the Wild Side

Jack and Stewart have been my friends for over two years now. I met Jack in the locker room after playing a round of golf at a local country club. We noticed something distinctive about each other right off--we were both blessed by nature with something rather extraordinary between our legs. We went for a beer, and soon found ourselves comparing notes about our sexual experiences with women. Jack introduced me to Stu, and the three of us have developed quite an unusual bond--a bond based almost exclusively on the exceptional nature of our "equipment." (At slightly over nine stout inches, I am the smallest of the group.) When we get together, all we talk about is our experiences with women--our conquests, the occasional rejections, the humorous reactions, and our frustrations with women intimidated by our size.

Recently we discovered that we all shared the same obsession--anal sex. Among our little group, I am the only one who has found a woman willing to try it, and it was not a positive experience. Then, at some point, we made another discovery--that we all shared the same fantasy: to take part in a "big dick" anal gang-bang. The ultimate high would be to find a willing and beautiful slut who would let each of us take turns in her gorgeous ass and fuck her with a violence that would make up for all that pent-up frustration--a girl who would not only consent to it, but who would relish the masochistic bliss as much as we loved using her ass for our sadistic pleasure.

We think we may have finally found her. Her profile suggested she might like to be forcefully sodomized in a dark, back alley by several men who were exceptionally well-endowed. Her fantasy could not have come closer to matching ours. I told her what we wanted to do and asked her to send us some pictures if she was interested. Here are the pictures she sent us. She says she is considering it. We know she wants it. Fantasy is about to meet reality.

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