Left or Right  

rm_tubbyboy2 50M
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7/31/2005 12:52 pm

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8/17/2006 9:55 am

Left or Right

I,m right handed so I tend to wank with my right hand, does this apply to eveyone, ( I must try to get out more,lol )

rm_hunny131 50F
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8/11/2005 12:14 am

I too am right handed and i found some years back i was masterbating with boths hand so not really lol Try it again hun might work ....i still masturbate with both hands if one is out of use at least i can use the other.....You can never beat a loyal palma and her or his five lovers lol ....

rm_tubbyboy2 50M

8/14/2005 11:11 am

If I try it much more I,ll end up blind, maybe you should teach me, lol

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