Slow Ride Pt 3  

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9/24/2005 1:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Slow Ride Pt 3

Once in the garage, I check over my gear (always a safe rider)...helmet and leather, all ready to go. I go back into the house to get the other little bag I'd packed, this one has water and food, since I'm not in the mood to socialize with anyone but my man today. I've got it all together, and my pussy starts twitching with the thoughts going thru my head. So, I have to find out what's keeping him, and I find him in the bedroom, waiting for me...he's gonna try to change my plans...sittin there hard and hot, he's got "I'm changing your mind" eyes...NOPE!

I smile seductively and tell him I have a surprise for him in the garage, and he can have anything he wants from me, but in the garage...this gets a response of a small groan, a rock hard cock, and instant crawling across the bed trying to get to me...I run for the garage, and beat him there, to my surprise (I think he let me win)...once I've got him there, his eyes and his wicked grin tell me I'm in trouble for playing with him like this, and there's no way I'm gonna complain if he wants to punish me for it!

He grabs me by my jeans, pulls me to the bike, pins me against it, holding my hands behind me, one leg between mine, and I can't move (like I'd want to?)...he sees my desire, but ignores it and looks in the bags and smiles. He pulls out a scarf, shows it to me, and tells me playtime is over, and if I'm gonna have my way today, he's gonna have his way first. My nipples are rock hard, and my pussy's on fire! Now that's what I'm talking about! He ties my hands gently, then nibbles on my ear as he caresses my nipples thru my tshirt...then, he slides his hand into my jeans and fingers my clit, dippin in to make sure my wetness matches the desire in my eyes...

I can't help it, this isn't what I'd planned, but I'm enjoying myself immensely. He tells me softly what he wants to do, and I realize he's on the same page (like always) to what I was thinking, but he's gonna try to do this without ever leaving the garage, and that's not what I, as sweetly as I can, I ask him to pull down my jeans, bend me over, and show me what he always does, that he's in control of my body as long as he's inside me...(to be continued)

rm_hgeorge731 41M

9/24/2005 1:50 pm


I would like to tell you what I would do to you if I found you in that garage.

First I would like to kiss you passionately on your lips, tracing my tongue over your lips and the move down to your neck, flicking your soft skin with my tongue, keeping moving down to those fabulous breasts taking your nipples in my mouth letting my teeth rub against them until they are hard and then keep on my quest down your body licking you all the way until I come to your belly button when I flick my tongue in and out just to show you what is to come. At this point I start to touch your wet pussy, playing with your clit between my thumb and forefinger. I'll then take your clit in my mouth sucking on it before puting my tongue in that wet pussy and licking you while playing with your clit, not stopping until a raging orgasm rips through your body. Then before you have time to catch your breath I'll ram my throbbing cock into that pussy, teasing you by taking it all the way out before thrusting it in again slowly, filling you up with my cock until I start shagging you hard until you beg for mercy before taking it out and cumming all over those beautiful breasts. At this stage you're feeling so hot that you'll scoop up all my cum with your fingers and greedily eat it up.

Then we can go for a ride

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