MsGoodPussy (continued)  

rm_trulydivyn 53F
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5/29/2005 5:48 pm

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MsGoodPussy (continued)

Hi! What a day! I completely unplugged for awhile, took my son to see The Longest Yard, laughed my ass off, fantasized about an orgy with the football teams, and laughed my ass off some more! Then, I went on a shopping spree...I guess that proves I'm female? Hey, I can use the excuse that my son needed new shoes can't I? So, he now has 2 new pair of Nikes, 5 new T's that match and coordinate his "gear" so he'll look cool when "hangin with his crew" and I have no guilt that I didn't buy myself anything! Typical of me, not to think of myself, ha! I'm feeling pretty good, like a weight is being lifted and held up by sheer willpower at this point in time, because Lord only knows, that boulder thats been weighing heavy on me has just about reached it's limits with me...I'm about ready to do something drastic to get the monkey off my back! I'm feeling a little fiesty even in my exhaustion, my mind is more at ease...must have been that mind blowing orgasm I had this morning!

problklover 53M/F

5/29/2005 11:41 pm

Glad to hear that you are doing well. Hmmm mind blowing....dang! I hope the neighbors were not jealous..LOL We at least you have gotten rid of that weight. I hope that is a good sign for things to come for you. You do not need the stress. You need the peace of mind and relaxing times. I think I will go and get a popcicle and have some cool sweet thoughts.


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