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4/21/2005 2:22 am

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MsGoodPussy's Blog (continuous)

Here it is, 215am...and I'm usual! This sucks! I should be asleep, dreaming of all the erotic images that run through my head all day long...instead I'm alone, frustrated, and very very tired!

Musing over why I'm awake is only going to piss me off even more, so I'd like to say hello to all who read this and can sympathize with me about waking up in the middle of your sleep cycle, looking for a warm body, not finding one, and realizing that life's too damn short anyway!

Since it's 215am, and I gotta be awake for work and board meetings in a few hours, I'm forcing myself back to bed, get out one of my favorite toys, and possibly get my self off enough to relax my mind as well as my body...not an easy thing to do by myself...

RickHunter101 32M

4/21/2005 6:25 am

Trust me i know how you feel i work 3rd o so even if i had some one i would be able to sleep at the same time. and it really sucks. but i wish you good luck and hope you can sleep. later

rm_smgon 46M

4/21/2005 9:26 am

How can this be alone????
Can't belive it!
Call me and i'll take care of ur lonelyness. You will be tired, but u'll sleep well.
Look forward hearing from you.

rm_pr_8_nyc 43M

11/21/2006 9:34 pm

Is that realy your ass? No...
Don't tell this hot blooded Latino that THAT ass belongs to you!!
LMAO Ooooo... myyyy

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