Cotton Bloom....  

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6/14/2005 6:19 am

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Cotton Bloom....

I woke up this morning like every morning, horny and alone! Some days I'm grateful and horny, some days I'm pissed off and horny, either way I'm horny...The double standard amazes me! If a woman has a bunch of lovers, men who are attracted to her, or lets just say she has a choice of men, she's considered a whore. If she has a man at home, and decides to get more on the outside, she's a slut. If a MAN has more than one lover, he has a harem and he's a stud. If he has a wife at home and has women on the outside, he's a success? Who the hell thought that up? Anyways, back to the Cotton Bloom:

I know the world consists of constant bargains,
I know the world can quickly lighten or darken,
I've been used and abused...
I've watched the lives of those who cheated attain and gain a sweeter arena...
I've watched the hearts of young and old be mistreated for money, and for honey, and YES, I do know the world...
I've lost at love and still live on,
I've heard the words of many,
I've seen it all, I've lived it all,
and no matter how I think I'm small,
I've seen the world...
I've watched the cotton bloom,
I've waited to be released from my tomb,
my heart is heavy with my thoughts,
the cotton floats around my mind...
The sense of comfort that cotton portrays
hopeful and wistful, for rest in my last days...
Give me an old pair of jeans that fit me so well
full of a sexy and comfortable, warm cotton smell
Worn with a favorite t-shirt or tank
Cotton in my mind, blooms high on my rank!
Wet or dry, old or new, there is nothing like old fashioned cotton to comfort and soothe...
soft to the touch, I need it so much!
Can you imagine what the world would be
Without the cotton bloom?

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