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4/16/2006 4:44 am

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Fun in Blog-Land

I must say I had the best time yesterday reading some blogs I came across. You gotta check out sexydisaster30it had me rolling on the floor laughing.(and I really needed to laugh). I hope her and her MR Real have a most beautiful life together. Your both invited to my next party.

Random thoughts:

WHO scratched my car?

I washed my car yesterday and found a scratch!
This normally wouldn't bother me but it is kinda new (Aug. 05) and it represented a new pinnacle in my life....I was able to pay cash for a new car for the first the honeymoon is over...bastard car scratchers!

Photo change:

OK I put a new picture up (got away from the "dick" picture). Now one would think this would be an easy task....not in my life. I have no good pictures of really. I have owned a digital camera for years and it seems I'm always taking the pictures. Of course I had to pass over the face shots due to my job and just the nature of me and my blog...we don't want friends and co-workers and such seeing me on here. So I hope the photo is revealing...but no too revealing.

Window Shopping:

I spent some time looking a other profiles and there are some real hotties out there...but come on people....if you were to weed out the fakes I'm guessing a lot of men pose as women), the pros
(the word hooker comes to mind), gold-diggers ("I like 5 star hotels and nice gifts"), and then just the ones that don't match what I'm really looking leaves very few pickings. Not that I really had any preconceived notion that I would find my one true love on here but was worth a shot and who really could happen. I don't buy lottery tickets every week ether.

Then why here?

I'm really just trying to make a few friends and ease my way back into the dating thing. Just out of one of my longer term relationships (I've only been in four my whole life, but in between a couple of them I was a real slut for the ladies) and I thought this would be a good way to meet some people with similar interests. I really hate the whole dating thing...the masks people put on, the lies and half truths, the baggage they bring along. I just want to find someone that is drama....someone who see's me for who and what I am (and trust me I'm a good catch)!!!gold-digger alert!!! and won't try to change who and what I am (why do women always try to do that?).

Must do taxes....must do taxes

I used to be one of those that always did my taxes early and the last few years they are getting a little too complex....I really need to find a girl friday....any single, kinky tax accountants out there? Humm....never thought I would see the words "Kinky" and "Tax" in the same sentence.

Fox4aKnight1 43F

4/19/2006 3:43 am

I gotta agree with you about SexyD ......shes a sweeetie not to mention quite funny at times.... *G* .....and she blushes so pretty....


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