Women: Girlfriend Material vs Lover Material  

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11/12/2005 11:35 am

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Women: Girlfriend Material vs Lover Material

Although I haven't been on this site too long yet, I have noticed quite a bit of unique people out here. Of course, thats not a bad thing, but I have been interested in trying to find that "Girlfriend Material" I'm talking about. Anyway, this brings me to deduce there are 2 categories someone can fall under on this site (for both male and female) and that is the following:

"Girlfriend(/boyfriend) Material"
A person who is interested in having a relationship that goes beyond the bedroom. Possibly one that involves being friends, commited friends (bf/gf), or possibly even more (someone who you could introduce to your parents, friends, etc). These are usually people that fit the description YOU are looking for (depends on what you want in a person).

"Lover Material"
A person who is interested in mostly just having a sexual relationship. This relationship could involve just sex, or friendship and sex. You may be interested in telling your friends about this person... but only if they are trusted friends. This person isn't interested in a commited relationship (sometimes simply not interested in a relationship at the moment, sometimes these people are fooling around on their spouses, etc).

Please feel free to post anything you want in reply... especially if you believe there are more "types" than those mentioned on this post.

rm_lostmydrink 44F

11/18/2005 10:17 pm

I hope to god I fallvunder the GF material some day soon.

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