Passion rediscovered once I had [i]Faith[/i]  

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11/13/2005 4:04 am

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Passion rediscovered once I had [i]Faith[/i]

Last week was more of the same for me at work. The highlight of the week was Tuesday. No, it wasn't payday. Tuesday was another boring "mandatory" meeting. The good news was I would get to see Faith again and we had plans to find some quiet time afterward.

Fortunately the 2 hour meeting only took 1 hour. I headed to my car cause I knew Faith would follow me as we prearranged.

I led her away from the office and the common spots that our co-workers frequented after work. We went to park in a secluded lot in the back of an area hotel.

She was out of her car and in mine as soon as we parked.

I love the way she is. Dressed in the ultra conservative navy business suit with low heels. As soon as she closed the door to the car she leaned over and kissed me. The softest hottest kisser on the planet. (at least in my opinion)

I've wanted to do that for almost 2 weeks. Since last time you left me all hot and bothered.

I looked at her and raised my eyebrows.

The last time I saw you, you left me with only my imagination to go on. Remember the last meeting?[/i}

She laughed. Reaching out her hand to caress the back of my head to pull me closer to kiss me. God I love the way she kisses. Her lips are tender but hungry for more. I let her lead and her tongue probes for mine. My arms encircle her tiny 5'1" frame and squeeze her ass.

mmmmm. Big strong hands. You're going to have me wet again and send me home horny.

I had other plans, hence parking in the hotel district. I put my hands under the waistband of her skirt and rubbed her ass feeling the firmness of it. I was still lost in her kissing her lips and neck. She had reached down between us and was rubbing my cock through my pants.

I should've sat on him last time. I want to feel him inside me. Take him out again. I have to taste him again, it's been on my mind since last time I had him in my mouth.

I unzipped my pants and let her pull my underwear down and free my very brown, very thick and very hard cock. Her hands were like velvet on my cock making me even harder.

Trompe, we have at least an hour to kill. Look, your leaking. We don't want to lose any. I can help with that.

With a mischievious smile she lowered her head to my lap and licked the slit of my cock. Smiling up at me she opened her mouth and started that same lovingly tender blowjob that she gave before. I don't know if this is her standard technique but I do know she loves giving me superior head.

Her tongue works the underside of my cock as she lowers her mouth. Then she'll come up while still circling the head with her tongue. When you add her soft hands to it you have a great oral experience. As much as I enjoy her oral skills I thought today was going to be the day I finally have an Asian woman.

Faith, we have time....Oh god, that feels good. We could get a room and really have some fun.

She looked at me (with my cock in her mouth) and moaned around it. She let go of my cock and put it back in my pants. Rubbing it one more time while she thought about what I said.

Lets go. I don't want to miss a chance to feel him inside me. Now you'll see if I was telling you the truth about how badly I want it.

She told me in an email that she liked everything...oral, vaginal, anal.

We left her car in the parking lot and drove to another hotel. Since I work part time in the hotel industry I finagled a reduced rate room for us through an acquaintance. It was one of the garden style hotels for extended stays. All the rooms are located in seperate apartment style buildings. We got one in the back and parked.

Once we entered the room we were all over each other. Trying to consume one another with all of our energy. She went straight to her knees and unbuckled and lowered my pants. Her hands grabbed everything so in one motion she had my pants and underwear down and off. She gave a kind of lustful growl and went to her knees to continue what she started in the car. I was feverishly removing my shirt and tie and was naked except for my pants shoes and underwear. I had to gently push her away so I could get them off. While I was doing this she was peeling off her suit jacket and skirt. Underneath she was wearing a black demi bra that just covered her very aroused nipples and a pair of black high cut panties. It looked hot on her petite Korean body.

I scooped her up into my arms and kissed her again. This time I lead her. My tongue finding hers and probing, teasing her mouth. My hands went to work on unclasping her bra and it dropped to the floor. Kneeling in front of her I pulled her panties slowly over her ass and past her legs.

I laid her onto the bed and took a moment to see my fantasy before me in all her beauty. Her body is nicely toned. A taut tummy with a little pouch. Her breast are excellent. C-cups with quarter sized areolae, gingerbread brown with 1/3 inch nipples.

Spreading her legs and raising them slightly I looked into those almond eyes...

Your turn to enjoy my tongue

No, Trompe wait, I want to feel you inside of ahhhhhhh yeessss lick me, ohhhhh ohhhh...

I was too busy wanting to have my first taste of Korean to not enjoy all of her. I licked her mound initially when she was asking me to wait, when I spread her lips and saw that she was just gushing wet I dove right in and cut her thoughts off. I licked her from the opening of her vagina to her clit. My mouth frenched her pussy like I was kissing her. There was no urgency in my actions. I wanted to give her as much pleasure as she had given me. I licked in a broad circle never touching her clit. My circles became smaller and smaller till I was licking her clit. She was moaning and saying...

Your making me come...let me feel it...please I have to have it this time...ohh your tongue feels nice. It's been too long.

I moved up and Faith surprised me by literally flipping me onto my back.

I've waited too long for this. Now he's mine.

She guided the head of my cock to her pussy and put the head in her vagina. I thought that since I have a fairly sizeable dick she would go for a slow descent. Her assertiveness in the bedroom was coming out now. Instead she plunged down upon me. The sound of passion that came from her is indescribable. Her expression was a grimmace that quickly turned to immense pleasure.

Too long..too long...too long. Oh my god too long...

Am I too long. I don't want to hurt you.

She smiled and leaned down to kiss me.

No sexy, too long since I had one that feels like this. God it fills me soo good.

We went through a couple of positions but I let her lead this encounter. I sat up while she rode me so I could look in her eyes and let her see I'm enjoying her enjoying me. I have no idea how many times she came. When I laid her back and put her legs on my shoulders she was moaning so loud and calling my name I was glad we had a big room near the highway.

She pushed me back again and went to straddle me. But this time there was alot of resistance going in. Looking down between us I saw she had my cock going into her ass. I tried to warn her that I was too big.

I wouldn't do that Faith you need to go slow.

I have to feel it in there too. Uuunnnnggghhhh

She forced my cock past the initial resistance and collapsed on me. The I felt her anal muscles massaging me.

I want you to come in there. Please fuck me now

Just hearing her say "fuck me" sent my dick into over drive. I held her ass in my hand while she was straddling me and lifted her up and down. I admit at this point it was about my pleasure but she was shouting encouragement to me on every stroke.

Make that black cock cum in my little ass. I know you want to. You've been driving me crazy with this cock.

That was all I needed to hear. I slammed harder and harder and gave it everything until my balls drained all of the cum out of me.

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