Life. Or something like it...  

rm_tried_true 54M
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9/24/2005 5:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Life. Or something like it...

Well, so far I am not exactly being vigilant at keeping this blog up-to-date. And you know what? That isn’t really such a bad thing.

At first I thought that not keeping this blog current was a reflection on my reliability, but now I realize that it is more of a reflection of my priorities.

After all, I have found time to work. I have found time to be with my son. I’ve found time to visit with friends and family. I’ve found time to get on-line and read the posts of others and to chat with them. I’ve found time to sketch and paint and read.

What I haven’t found time to do until now, is to sit down and self-indulgently espouse my views to world at large.

And I think I can live with that!

When I first joined this sight I felt as though I really didn’t have much of a life, since I didn’t have a partner and it has been some time since I’ve had sex. Now I can see that I had a life all along. It just isn’t the fairytale life that we are conditioned to expect.

Would I like to find a woman that I can be with? You bet. Would I like to have a more active sex-life? Hell yes!

However, I realize now that, if I have to, I can live without that and still have a very full life.

While it would be great to have a woman to share my life with, I don’t need to in order to complete myself. I have work that I enjoy, friends and family that are a blessing, and above all I have my son, who is the light and love of my life!

I guess in looking for more I have found exactly how much that I already have.

And if that means that I don’t update this blog as often as I would like to, there are certainly worse things in life that I could be missing out on.

So, while I do plan to keep on posting and to keep on looking for a special woman, in the meantime I am going to just get on with living my life.

I would suggest that all of you do exactly the same.

redmustang91 57M  
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9/24/2005 5:45 am

Blogging helps me understand what I am thinking about by articulating these ideas. Thinking can be part of life. Think about it!

XesSex03 50M/48F

9/24/2005 5:51 am

Brava! Brava! Well said.

rm_tried_true 54M
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10/3/2005 6:49 pm

Hey redmustang,

Thinking is not a part of life; thinking is life! If one did not think then they would not even be aware of their own existance. "I think therefore I am."

Thinking is wonderful, just as long as you don't let it stop you from acting

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