crap questionaire by my buddies  

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1/24/2006 1:43 am

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crap questionaire by my buddies

Q: Do you ever think that you can succeed in life?

Ans: Well, being successful can mean a lot of things. Some people define being happy is successful. I guess I am in that group.

Q: Don’t you think that with the current state of life you are in, that you will die alone, homeless, on the streets?

ans: well its all fated “If you die, you die”
(final destination clips starting to play on my mind ... geezz i can be phyco sometimes)

Q:what are you doing working your ass off in the corporate world?

ans: lol...I am only working to get online free. See, I am writing this using my office’s computer.

Q:Are you sexually active?

jeezzz what kind of question is this I wont answer this even if im paid a million dollars

Q: If sex was active, would you participate in it given a fixed amount of time and resources?

huh ... duh what is this crap

bah not answering to this crap anymore

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