My Office, My Hell  

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1/24/2006 1:52 am

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My Office, My Hell

I am half awake when I am asleep,
Half asleep when I am awake.
I see my table, I see no end,
So many papers, so few pens,
Only one hand to rule them all.

People walk by, they say their greetings,
People run by, rushing to meetings,
The phone rings, that means more work,
The boss sings, that means I'm dreaming.

This is due and that is late,
Everything here is stupid and we live with it,
Today is too long, tonight is too short,

Common sense killed by profits.
Compassion killed by greed.

The monitor doesnt laugh,
The keyboard doesnt smile,
The numbers dont talk,
The words wont listen,
The stapler wont dance,
The copier doesnt whistle,

Only cheap biscuits in the pantry to saviour me.

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TREXXXYYY how come youre not posting new blogs

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