Men that can't read & Meet & Greets!  

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1/5/2006 11:51 am

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Men that can't read & Meet & Greets!

The purpose of a profile is put out here on the site just what you are looking for and just who you are. Hopefully most people are honest.

Nothing amuses me more than a contact from someone that has not taken the time to read my profile. If they had, they would know that I would not be interest in them because they do not meet what I am looking for. Never the less, they make contact with the same old, meet me and let me screw you bullshit.

Also, if you are someone in the Jacksonville area, be brave and check out the message boards for the local groups, especially New Jacksonville Group 3 for the details on the local meet and greets. This is where the real people from the site are. Both singles and couples are welcome and since this is in public places, nothing is expected but the opportunity to meet like minded people that enjoy more than just sexual hook ups. This makes for quality friendships all around. No one there outside the group would know why we are all social with each other.

Those that aren't brave enough, too intimidated, too shy or not out going, have no business on the site, let's be real. This lifestyle is for out going secure people.

I for one would never meet someone one on one since I have found this great atmosphere for meeting others. I want real people for real friendships that are looking for the same. We can chat back and forth all day but I hate making out with a keyboard since most of you are not for real anyway when it comes to the next step.

Besides, I have met someone special this way and so have other members of the group. Makes for a very fun experience and full use of the forum of this website.

PS: Don't waste your time joining the group unless you are willing to come out and join us. We get frustrated with inactive members.

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