Four emails made me change.  

rm_travaloca 43T
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8/29/2006 12:36 pm

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7/28/2008 10:41 am

Four emails made me change.

Oh, that was a shocking experience I had last month. A man who saw my own profile attracted me a lot. I saw something in his eyes, an attitude. Then, I read his profile and, word by word, answer by answer. I realized I was in front of an intelligent, direct, clear and sincere man. He answered my email and I fell in shock because through his statements I realized suddenly about my loneliness, my pain, my isolation and my lack of affection. I had to think about why i惴 in this dark hole. And I found is real at night when I惴 a tv/cd, men want to fuck my ass and my mouth. But at day, I惴 an androgyne gay, a third sex member who all people reject, avoid, depreciate, isolate, unvalue, insult. It makes me feel a lot of pain. At the same time I asked me:
What愀 my limit to please a man? I know men prefer a transexual pre op with breasts. Because they can fuck her asses and touch her mouthes enjoying a lot. And at the same time, they don愒 have to pay the social cost their homosexual beahavior gives. Few person realize a transexual is not a woman. I think I will not be a transexual pre op with breasts because I惴 comfortable with my body. Obviously, I know to get be fucked by men I have to dress like a woman at night. I惴 sexually successfull getting men who fuck me. But, really, I惴 a total emotional defeat. Despite all social harrasement against me , my worst problem is not people who hates me. I have to improve my emotional intelligence to get companionship, relationship, affection and dialogue from men. And it愀 my huge challenge these days.

morbid2004 42M
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11/14/2006 8:25 am

Hi travaloca you keep me so horny...please contact me soon...

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