missing the person I used to be  

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7/17/2005 9:51 pm

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missing the person I used to be

Before I had a stroke, I had all kinds of energy, ambition, and fun. Now, I don't have the energy to keep up with the fun we used to have. Years ago I found that I very much enjoy having more than one man pleasuring me don't mean to be selfish, but it's best if the 2 men are there to make me happy. It's too much work for one gal to try to please 2 men. We have a good friend who turned into my favorite play toy. He was also hubby's first choice to share me with. He could always make me cum more than anyone else had ever done. And hubby loves to see me happy. I remember the many many sunrises I saw from under the haze which comes from being on the edge of orgasm for hours. Oh, happy day!! The joy of 4 masculine hands all over my body. And two tongues, licking all those little spots causing all those breathless moans and gasps. The "other man" is very talented with his tongue. I am so glad we frequently caught the action on video, so I can relive all the good times I am missing so much these days. The doctor tells me it was about 2& of my brain destroyed by the stroke. 2%? That's not very much, is it? Who'd have guessed just how much of ME was in that 2%? I just can't do the things I used to. My short term memory is worthless. And here's the strangest part. My tastes in food have changed. I can't enjoy a good ole steak. The flavor of beef just isn't doesn't appeal to me anymore. Oh, well, that's probably not a bad thing. A lot of people are intentionally omitting red meat from their diets these days. It's just that I miss those big juicy hamburgers I've always liked I miss getting in the car and driving somewhere............anywhere! Like maybe to work?(If I ever have the energy to go back to work. )Maybe in September when they re-evaluate my condition,they will release me to drive and I won't feel so caged. That would help with this depression that I'm facing every day. I want my life back!!!

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7/25/2005 5:23 am

Oh sweetheart! I just read your entry and felt so much empathy and understanding! It is really difficult to look out and face a life so very different from the one you were so used to and comfortable with. T, darling, I know that you already know this, but after something like what you went through, there is no way to go back. You're forever changed. Honey, the best advise I want to offer you is to find who you are now and develop her into a beautiful, shining woman!
*Great big hugs!*


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7/29/2005 10:03 pm


Yes getting out of the house would do you good. Can you get one of those mini electric scooters to buzz around. Then you could go to the park, library, clubs, ect.

You may never return completely to your old glory, but I bet you can get darned close. Time and patience anythign can be rebuilt, the brain and body are very adapltable!

Best wishes always

PS if you need soemoen to rant to you can email..

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