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4/7/2006 8:13 pm

Motorcyclist dies in accident...A husband and father of two children has died in a auto bike wreck tuesday. the young man work hard at a local car dealership to provide for his family.I didn't really know much about him,met the man just a few times in the past 6 months.Bryan/College station is the home of Texas a/m and blinn jr college. the driver of the s u v was an 18 yr old student @ blinn.I had to drive buy the scene on Wednesday.Sid was hard on the brakes .It looked like the other driver pulled out from the school across to the inside lane in front of the bike and they hit and changed the world for two family's forever.The funeral is this Saturday afternoon.I feel that I should attend but am unsure about going.Sid had sold his hog awhile back but he still loved to ride ..he had borrowed the bike from someone else.I said that I hardly new the biker and hardly new him..I last saw him over twenty years age when sid was just about 10 to 12 yrs old...Sid jr that is ,but I use to know Sid sr.His father and I had the same bad habits...I lost my two oldest children to D H S (child welfare)16 yrs ago in court.But that not the why I'm here know I cleaned up 18 yrs ago and never looked back to my old life styles...I hurt for Sids mon and dad cause I know the feeling of loosing a child ..(but not to death).I reach back in my mind and the pain is all to lips quiver eyes get teary and just wont to crawl in a hole and die I hope Sid Sr. and know that he is and has always been strong his grandchildren..It will be hard for me to drive down the street I have know as my grandmothers street for ever without remembering the accident.

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