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The first physical contact we make with each other is usually with our hands. When two people are sensitive to one another, a simple touch can convey a world of meaning (warmth, confidence, strength, vulnerability, caution, encouragement, desire, etc) and they build a whole vocabulary of touch.

The tantric sages of ancient india worhsipped the goddess Kali, because to them she symbolized the female sex organs, the fount of all life and the most sacred pleasure of living. Kali's sign was the yoni or vagina, which was represented by a mouth shape, double pointed oval or triangle. The yoni is the symbol of a gateway to secret knowledge and the buried treasure of esctasy. It is both mouth and well, taking and giving. To the ancients the man did not take the woman, but was taken by her. When he ejaculated, she consumed his vital fluid. Kali, the mother goddess, the Earth goddess, ruled over every aspect of life, but she was also feared as goddess of destruction, disease and death. For the tantric sages, it was important to accept the whole range of human experience and to embrace Kali as the one who gave life in the beginning and who would finally take it away at the end. Kali was the ocean of blood that existed before birth and she is the nothing-at-all that happens after death- both womb and tomb. Sex and death are powerfully linked in our unconscious minds. The one transcending power, sexual passion is where we lose ourselves in the rush of orgasm, called by the french 'the little death.' Giving oneself completely in sex does have a frighteneing aspect, because it means negating the self, letting go of control, and existing purely in the present moment, in sensation and emotion. Giving oneself in love can be terrifying, because it leaves us vulnerable to overwhelming loss and destruction. One must gradually face the dark side of Kali for intimacy to grow and risks will be rewarded with deeper richer feelings.

Where goddess worshippers adore the yoni, god-dominated religions worship the phallus. The phallus is a symbollic version of the erect penis, which was represented by the lingam. Phallic symbols such as the lingam serve to mark god-dominated religion and are represented by columns and towers, guns and missles.

btw- Shiva is Kali's partner, also creator and destroyer.

Ideally, the yoni is strong and muscular so that it can hug the lingam tightly, pulsating and squeezing it to build up a rhythym without moving any other parts of the body. Or the yoni can remain still while the lingam pulsates. Thus two can have exciting tantric sex while remaining outwardly motionless, such as when the woman sits on the man's lap with her legs over his. Outwardly motionless....When the time is right, the woman slides her partner's lingam inside her yoni. She can be extra sensitive to the delicious sensation, clenching and releasing the muscles of her yoni....

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I was gonna say that ! lol

It's all in the touch, whether it is with your hands, your cheeks, your lips, words are distant when touch is near, the familiarity of something unknown before you, yet searched for, found, and to be gotten, to be had, to be taken, explorative, finding what may be missing, what one longs for, needs, craves, wants, and desires.....

Sometime this woman will notice, and she will decide, a choice to be made, and will soon know what was missing is before her to be had....


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sliding my lingam inside your yoni? my my the thoughts! lol

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