Just Plain CRAZY!  

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2/16/2006 3:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Just Plain CRAZY!

For those who I have spoken to or otherwise communicated with, THIS is what I am talking about. I was going to keep these email to myself, but after the last one, I decided to share with you one of the dumbest lying ass liars on AdultFriendFinder. If you ever want to understand why I am so mean, cautious, particular or frustrated with the whole "dating" thing, this will give you a little insight.

Now I trust if you are here, (at my blog) you have read a little about me on my profile. I am up front, honest to a fault about myself and honest about what I am looking for from a man / relationship. I know myself. I think I got caught in this BS because I answer every email I receive. I can't help being polite. I should have known this person was flawed when I saw the spelling and grammatical errors, but, I muddled through, it's a short email. And of course, he had a valid question.

His email to me. Please note the date
> > Sender: swordteacher99
> > To: tootsweet72
> > Date: Feb 1, 2006 12:26 PM EST
> >
> > I am sorry, but can one who is a liar be more of a liar by lying, thats a bould negative. A lying liar, isn't a liar someone who is lying, saying it twice makes no sense.Will you respond to this?

My email to him. While my response was abbreviated, I thought he would understand my point without having to break it all the way down. Again, please note the date
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Sender: tootsweet72
> To: swordteacher99
> Date: Feb 15, 2006 60 AM EST
> A lying liar is someone who 1) knows he isn't telling the truth, 2) and makes up another lie to try to cover up the fact that he isn't telling the truth and 3) participates in this behavior regularly. for instance take the man I meet who says, "Hey, I am 5'11, long and very thick." When I meet him and take out my measuring stick he is actually 5'6.5" (he tells me that the stick is defective)... and on the long and very thick part, the tape measure says 6 inches long and a circumference of 4... he of course says he doesn't have a good erection and come back tomorrow when he is feeling better.... When it is all said and done, he writes chick number 2 and tells her that he is 5'11", long and very thick and the deception starts all over again.
> of course there is the flip side... you know the man who says he is a woman to get the guys on AdultFriendFinder to write and chat... then he whips out that one little thing he forgot to tell you about... you don't beat his ass... so he does it yet again to some unsuspecting person...
> or
> the girl who says she is curvy and 5'9". She chats with you a long time, sends you cute email. And then when you meet her, she is 240 pounds and 5'5" tall... she too is a lying liar!

Now check out what he had to say! Again, the date is very important

> ---------------------------------------------------
> Sender: swordteacher99
> To: tootsweet72
> Date: Feb 15, 2006 8:17 AM EST
Umm, who are you? I vaguely remember the title of the email, but thats it. Must have been a hell of long time ago that I emailed ya. Try emailing a person back within at least two weeks if you want them to remember you. I haven't a clue what your going on about insofar as guys cock sizes, why have you sent me an email telling me how guys have lied about that. You actually measure mens dicks huh, you need to get off whatever high horse your on, you and no woman is so great that she can do such things, you have some real problems. That and not knowing who the fuck you are makes this one weird email to get. LOL, who are you? My word, sounds like from your message that your one of those women is is A, only concerned about cock size, and B, would not believe any guy who said he had a nice one, so why would they bother. I already don't like you, and I don't even know who you are. Boy, your a horrid women, what in the world led you to think it was ok to talk to people the way you do/ You really need to grow up and act like a woman. Don't know who you are, and don't wanna.

I didn't think I needed to explain a lying liar past the basic information one would find on an AdultFriendFinder profile. Height, body type and dick size. Maybe I should have told him that a "lying liar" also lies to themselves. If you talk to me, you KNOW I don't think I am better than ANYONE . While I have preferences, I make no judgements based on race, color, creed, income, level of education or 1 - 2 fucked up comments, but I have decided Swordteacher99 is crazy! To top it off, he sent me another email, check it out!

> ---------------------------------------------------
> Sender: swordteacher99
> To: tootsweet72
> Date: Feb 15, 2006 9:34 PM EST
> Oh yeah horrible lady, word of advice, you might have more luck if you don't wait a freaken "MONTH" to get back to a guy, yeah, you just might have more luck. Oh, that, and not being so damn horrible, your far to full of yourself, a disgrace to women everywhere you are.

So there you have it.... I caution you, men and women, beware of dumb asses and lying liars. And if you happen across a dumb ass lying liar who is a sword teacher, RUN !

TunerLimedBlows 32M
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2/26/2006 9:49 am

He is not a lying liar. He is a dunce. He lacks intellect, that is what makes him vulgar. No, wait, he didn't remember you, but then he knew he emailed you a few weeks prior. He's a champion in his own regard. He says you're full of yourself... that's ok. It's better than being full of crap.

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