Went to Walmart at 9 this morning...  

rm_toohotque 50M
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3/20/2005 10:43 am
Went to Walmart at 9 this morning...

Arriving a few minutes behind schedule I made a reality check, shaven and dressed in clean blue-jeans and shirt. I went inside and everything was normal as I took a basket and went to the produce section. I noticed a nice-looking cashier waiting for another customer to arrive at her checkout counter. Then I began my usual selecting of fruits and took a bag of carrots. Next, a couple aisles down I picked up a package of granola bars, then 4 cans of sardines. Then I went to the back and took a half-gallon of 1% milk. From there I went back out to the other end of the aisles and headed for the front of the store, where I went back into the produce section for a package of dried apricots. I walked up to the cashiers and set my basket on the floor in front of the nice-looking one and went off into the store looking for a few items. I walked through the store, and stopped to get a bottle of B complex vitamins, a small notepad, and a large bottle of liquid paraffin lamp oil.

When I returned to the cashiers in front she had no-one at her counter, so I took my basket and set it before her, and began taking out the items. She graced me with a "Hello," but I was unable to irk a genuine response after that with comments about the last day of winter, and my suggestion that maybe she didn’t get excited until tomorrow when it is the first day of spring. I looked at her arms and noted the makeup on her face and that she bore no ring on either hand. She was young and very attractive but I could not get her to give me a sign of her personal interest or attraction.

I paid her 32 dollars and change and left the store with my groceries. There was nothing unusual today at the store.

That trip I also picked up a table saw from my storage, to have in case its owner comes around needing it. He is supposed to have a submersible pump that I have purchased for my well. I've been waiting for it since late October.

I have a slight headache from little sleep last night, as I laughed so much about what I put into my blogs. Also, I can't stop thinking about that one-timer double-fuck-in-the-truck. She really was sensational.

I also wonder if maybe its time to put a little effort into that cunnilingus fox nest at the local laundromat.


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