Sustainable Transportation...  

rm_toohotque 50M
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8/26/2005 7:13 am
Sustainable Transportation...

will combine public transportation with electric car technology to support the portion of "personal use" demand. Business, construction, will see reliance on oil derived fuels well into the future.

Presently America is very, very weak for its heavy reliance on oil for personal transportation. This must change dramatically to support needs for daily commuting using public transportation and electric (or other modes of) vehicles. This is the greatest challenge facing America today, and needs to become the focus of attention for government planning, engineers and everyone concerned with making lifestyle choices and long-term investments.

Higher oil prices will cause a recession someday. With properly informed and honest government planning, people will have options to reduce energy costs in transportation.

Presently a mono-rail system for public transportation is needed in many large cities. A half-century of reliance on internal combustion vehicles for personal use has undermined the possibility for having created a much stronger America with higher, more efficient reliance on public transportation.

America MUST build and begin to rely on WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE; NOT WHAT IS PERSONALLY AFFORDABLE (as in the past century.)

Renewable energy is sustainable. The government needs to build public transportation to meet anticipated future demands.


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