Summer progress...  

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7/17/2005 3:59 am
Summer progress...

Its been mixed lately. Many good moments in long, hot days that are also made difficult with pain and some despair.

One example was a majestic evening last week that had a thunderstorm soothe the hot day with a brief shower around 5 PM. I had arrived at the landromat just as it began to sprinkle. With my wash loaded I sat where the cool rain-scented breeze came through the door. It was very relaxing and I wanted to just close my eyes and sleep to the sounds of rain and wet tires rolling peacefully on the city street.

I read the paper at the table and was alerted by the attendant calling me "sir" several times, to say that I should "buzz" him if lightning stopped the dryers. He left and I was surprised to be alone. I went back to the chair with the breeze and closed my eyes for a little while. The shower passed, and when I opened them and looked out across the street being bathed in evening sunlight, I noticed a few young sparrows "playing" at the side of a building wall. They would hang in the breeze a few seconds and find a perch, chirping as sparrows do. It was a sight that came at me from nowhere, unveiled by the gift of the rain and its fragrant coolness. I was given the pleasure of viewing a familiar place with a new focus that reinforced the charm of the corner laundromat as a totaly decent, little "painted" corner of the world.

The rest of my evening carried the same theme with majestic clouds rising to the east and the orange light. My drive home that sunset was even accompanied by strange music that had a majestic theme so prevalent, and suited to my experience at purveying "painted" country lanes all-lined with rolled bales in small, green fields.


Yesterday I slept late on Saturday after a week of watching my stocks (and others) trade. I had a good week, and money to drive a little extra was justified to swim Laddy, drive to where I could shave, shower and swim; then stop at the corner laundry to wash clothes. Again I was treated to a "painted" visit with fleeting youth as three small childern took interest in Laddy and his porter cage in my truck. I had him out sitting on the sidewalk bench watching cars and getting smiles. He was well-behaved and I enjoyed having him there with me.

Touched by the spirit of this "summer painter's majesty" I have re-awakened to that strange and awesome wonder I have experienced like paintings of summers past.

That the market has been good has reinforced my experience, and I have a new, hopeful outlook on the rest of the year and my work. Currently I find myself cheerily buying ahead of Monday Ho-Hum to jump a couple thousand... We'll see if it goes again this week.

My urge to get up, connect and write this notation fell into place naturally. Looking ahead, I am treated to some comfort in warm summer days and some American prosperity in sharing a positive outlook.

The loud mufflers are still there like vibrating cannon fire on the quiet street, but they will be extinguished someday (if I was permitted by law, I would glady shoot them, red American blood running in the gutter of the quiet American street.) Laddy shuddered when they went past. On the edge of town there is a sign that says, "Muffler Ordinance Enforced."

The Energy Bill is going before congress, again. For comtemplation I submit, "Is off-grid technology being repressed by society and government policy?" Simply funding 50% of cost for new off-grid systems would create a needed boom in the alternative energy industry, placing it on firm footings with incentives and solid growth.


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