Rain,, triple workout 1800c  

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9/24/2005 12:10 pm
Rain,, triple workout 1800c

There is no boner today, no sun, no positive vibes; only work. It was good to weigh in at 177.5 though slightly dehydrated. After 3 half-hour sessions on the bike, and three on weights I walk out at 175. I drank a quart of milk and some water during the workout, also ate a banana. Potassium is high as it must be.

175 is my target for next weekend, converting fat to muscle. I need to get protein. I have a milk supplement,, but have been skipping protein. Its becoming critical that I increase protein intake, though energy levels have been very good. I note that the sets of leg raises for stomach muscles are easier, and I am doing 25-32 reps in each set. I'll mix in 2-3 sets per sesion of this exercise to increase localized demand from my fat tummy.

InRoad 'progress' is a contest with the CTY balking and my neighbor having lied to me about work they intended to do. I claim to be entitled to access to my property for public services ie. Fire Truck, Sheriff, First Responders and Ambulance. Full-time. The CTY deprives me of these services presently, creating hardships and limiting my ability to develop and sell my property. It is illegal. A mere dressing of class-5 gravel will make the road maintainable year-round. October and April are the worst months. Last April the road was impassible for 2-3 weeks. Ridiculous.

They have one more chance to arrange to class-5 the road and reduce my hardship. Dissatisfied I will be seeing a lawyer and making an official request to the county for relief. Unless I can get a firetruck in there, I cannot arrange financing for lack of insurance. The driveway from my gate in, is fine.

9-24 1800c 177.5


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