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rm_toohotque 50M
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5/14/2005 9:39 pm
RE: one voice one comment...

The blog is an AdultFriendFinder service enhancement that is not purely for the absolute value of blogging. Rather, AdultFriendFinder blogging extends the forum toward the blog realm to offer a creative channel as an AdultFriendFinder service enhancement for its members.

I think its assumed that members are actively engaged in activity that will improve their sex lives somehow, whether mentally or in the flesh. Making the assumption, if management with concerns for service throughput, decides that compromising the number of posts somehow will restore server efficiency by reducing workload, then it is their decision to ensure server performance. (I doubt there is another reason.)

The decision still maintains that the AdultFriendFinder service is enhanced with the blog feature, that can still be used to extend creativity that is broadly focussed toward sex.

It still lets the user make self expession the genre while not instating the blog as a forum for debate, or as an AdultFriendFinder "endorsed" thread of discussion (which may save them money by reducing potential exposure to liabilities from unintended use.)

I think its a business decision to address server efficiency issues and possibly is viewed as beneficial at decreasing potential liabilities too.

It changes the way a writer will "fish" for responses, forcing deletions as a matter of getting feedback that is unlinked to previous feedback, unless it is somehow edited into the original post (like a tally.) The blog is then active to the level that the owner makes it active by allowing new posts.

In my surreptitious view (pardon the misuse,) its not all bad. Its simply a departure from blogging that is perceived as conventional.

The simultaneous post issue arises asking. "What happens when more than one response is made at roughly the same time?" Logic assumes that only one will appear. This is a problem, leaving many users in frustration at the wasted time spent iterating a post. AdultFriendFinder needs to think carefully about addressing this hiccup. Roiling the original BLOG format does have its Mickey Mouse square-holed problem. Programming a solution would give only one user the opportunity to post a response before processing the timeout flag, or other event such as the null or invalid response.

A more popular option might have employed the use of timed-purging. Posts beyond a threshold number would be purged after a life-span allowing the user to optionally specify the keeping of oldest posts, or the most recent. In keeping the oldest, the owner could display the 10 most interesting in a cache (if ten is the threshold setting,) plus recent responses made within the unpurged age span. This would be a more appropriate solution, saving valuable bandwidth and storage capacity while keeping the integrity of the offered human service.

Could it be that its a feature to prevent successive comments made by one person?
It prevents me from soliciting my list of Q-rated pussies to the forum in multiple responses to a thematic post. If its allowable, I could do it by edits in the original post, soliciting comments.


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