Nuclear Rain...  

rm_toohotque 50M
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8/9/2005 1:21 pm
Nuclear Rain...

came down last night. Bush signed the glowing Energy bill complete w/ Nazi reprisals on guarantees in the Constitution. (now-Legalized monopolistic power entities.)

Oh well.

The clouds were very high at sunset. By midnight I began hearing distant rumblings and flashes. I stood outside as it began to rain and watched the occassional bright flashes to the south and west. With the clouds so high, the flashes came from hundreds of miles. I counted seconds once and it seemed like a half-minute at least. First it was maybe Denver, then Dallas. A few minutes later the faint glow just above the horizon through the trees seemed like it could have been L.A. Then came St. Louis with immense rolling thunder reaching me after the flashes. A few minutes later came Seatle while I was working to get things packed into the truck.

I was stunned. My mouth was very dry and my skin seemed to be getting slightly irritated or numbed on wet portions. I put on a coat and continued working to take a few things for 50 mile drive to my parents. I didn't want to spend my last moments alone with my dog who trusts me for everything in life.

Filling the gas tank was surreal as I spoke with the night cashier. It seamed that our world was in limbo caused by a Godly favor. He told me I was paranoid, and I went out the door half believing each realty.

This morning a plastic sandwich container made a scratchy vibrating sound that immitated a geiger counter as I began driving. I knocked it away, thoroughly "freaked out."


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