Not a major day today,,,  

rm_toohotque 50M
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9/18/2005 10:56 am
Not a major day today,,,

except I tanned outdoors the last two. This allowed me to fix a couple things, on the sides and back of legs and my bunns which were a little light. I haven't checked in a mirror yet but the improvement on the legs is probablt co-measurate w/the progress on the bunns.

Generally the weather is turning much cooler and cloudier, with shortened periods of mid-day sun. I made progress on my weight, getting about 12 pounds off and back under 180 again. This season I spent allot of time not taking fat-burners, and relaxing. For the relaxation I tried floating in water and taking whirlpool bath stimulation. Once the observed effect was to be sleepy I continued, and was taking a night-time pain pill that induced sleep as well. I noted an improvement in sleeping regularly which has translated into being heavier this September. Presently I am taking fat burners and doing 800-1000 calorie workouts. Sensing over-fatigue and mental stress from the fat-burning, I have taken a few days off, and done relaxation only. Sleep is staying regular.

I awakened this morning to a soft ruffle of the leaves fluttering in a gentle breeze. I lay there with eyes closed and listened to this soft sound coming through the open window. Its amazing how easily I can drift in and out of consciousness when it is quiet and cool, with just a soft recurring sound that has random and soothing quality.

The road construction is expected to begin very soon,, and I have a prospect for work.


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