New window... a simple comfort.  

rm_toohotque 50M
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7/25/2005 6:44 pm
New window... a simple comfort.

A needed window lets in a little breeze (that blows through to my other window,) making a huge difference on hot days. Its covered with a screen of course, and the additional light is also very welcome. In summer my shack is like a childhood fort where my dog and I spend time together. I watch the news and stocks during the week and take him for a walk up the driveway. These are quiet times. I feel I have lost the will to build after making incredible progress last summer and fall. Sides of the road are growing up again and need brushing. Concrete is formed and ready. Hot weather really was limiting and today is much cooler though wet. When work begins on the new road I'll be very anxious to see and evaluate progress.

I have delayed spending money on building while stocks are in a rally and work on the road to my gate is pending. Lately I was fortunate with stocks making enough for a laptop, and to recover an early loss made in May. At this writing I hold cash except for a small position in natural gas that has done very well. Plays in energy, AAPL and KYPH went well and the experience is positive. I look for a discerning market move downward on oil, or very positive news to buy. Making about 10% again this week would be good, putting me in position to look at making another 20% by mid-August as profit for building and landscaping. Holding 25,000 I would be in much better position to build and pass the winter, though having opportunity to play the market in a confirmed rally is compelling and could last until December.

Today I note that relief from the heat came gradually with tension in my head reduced finally by late afternoon. I still think of getting checked for Lymes Disease. I pulled a tick in late May that stung and left a small circle (not a large bullseye.) Heat stress had me feeling like the disease might be affecting my nervous system. Today I feel alright.

We kayaked Sunday near Cass Lake from a secluded National Forest beach against the wind to the far side of the lake. The paddle back was much faster with back toward the sun. I threw the recliner back up at water's edge and tanned nude for awhile waiting for the next encroachment from boats or otherwise.
Laddy retrieved sticks and had a pretty good day riding in the truck, the kayak, and swimming.

My mind works comfortably on problems while summer is not overwhelming, though at times it has been uncomfortable. Winter finally became depressing and severe again, before giving way to the relief of spring. Today's menu: a sandwhich with meat and swiss, grapes, milk and shrimp. Also a vegetable wrap from a local restaraunt. Combined with whirlpool, swim and a shower this day has been comfortable, nutritious and stress-free.


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